Automatic Doors

Pretty ingenious way of opening doors. The only comment I can say is that it does not look like it opens smoothly in the video. Its still a great idea and Im positive that once they get this going they will perfect the ”smooth” problem. As expected something like this can only come from Japan. VIDEO->

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  • Bizak

    There is really no reasonable and cost efficient way that door will ever be used. Besides if it dose not detect fair as object like on that “developer” guy in the end… there will be a slight problem of headless people around =)

  • They are probably going to perfect all those things.

  • iD

    I’d say it should atleast open two or three slats above what it senses. If you look closely, the lady had to duck a tiny bit to make it through. Sure this is probably just a prototype though.

    and what about U shaped people, hmm?

  • steve

    …you lazy bastards