Bloom Energy – How Does The Bloombox Work? Is It Free Energy?

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If you haven’t heard of the Bloombox it is just a matter of time. It is announced to be as the next big thing in clean energy. Google was the first company to test the bloombox and now even Ebay has decided to have 15% of their headquarters powered with it. How deos it work? Is it free energy ? VIDEO->
Here is their official website Bloom Energy Inc.

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  • wish the video was still there. this looks very interesting.


  • Liran

    Very Intersting ! wish they realy can do this…

  • HiTek Dude

    This is not some magical power from nowhere. This is just another fuel cell which requires natural gas to run it. Way too much hype…..

  • freeka

    it shouldn’t be called free energy, it should be called an energy booster because it requires some fuel to run

    • I wonder where they are now with the Bloombox…

      • John

        8 month later