Dubai Skyscraper With Rotating Floors

It looks shiny and pretty in the 3D animation and seems like a very creative project to build but how will this work? I wonder how the plumbing, air-conditioning and elevators will work in this building. I can picture what they can do for the electrical wires but for the rest it seems impossible. Even if the elevators are in the center core that is not rotating, how will you get in the elevator if the floor is spinning around the core? Anyone thinks this can be done? VIDEO->

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  • Cool concept but it must be pretty nauseating for the people who live/work in the building. I understand maybe the top floor with a rotating restaurant for 360-degree views but why the other floors?

  • its Dubai
    they need to do things out of ordinary simply because they can, they got the money

  • Veredika

    seems dangerous

  • crazy…or fantastic…but i cant imagine how much mechanical space and energy it will consume!

  • tym29

    Of course it can be done its been done. Its the seattle space needle technology on steroids.