Fedora Operating System on PS3

Two programmers have managed to install Fedora Core 5 Operating System on their PS3. This is just another reason to get the PS3, its basically a super computer for a very cheap price. So you should perhaps reconsider before buying your next powerful PC. VIDEO->


NES Emulator

Via Techeblog

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  • Ricardo

    I knew something like this would happend, and so did Sony these geeks are just taking advantage buy buying a 600 dollar Playstation worth in 10,000 Equipment on a real computer (desktop).

  • Junior

    the owner of this site is a fanboy

  • Moon

    What are the specs on a PS3 compared to a Mac or a PC?

  • saioke

    what if we dont wanna fucken computer. we want a console not a pc which we already got. hell you can get a cheap pc cheaper than shitty ps3 which has flat textures.

  • Entropy

    I actually think this is pretty awesome. I thought somebody might get the idea one day to put an OS on a gaming console. I mean hell they are getting more and more like just another computer and they cost about half as much as a decent computer these days. Their have always been mods for everything from games to game controllers, but this is new to me. Congratz on the achievement!