Giant Ball of Monitors and Cameras

This art project is called the ”215 Points of View” due to its 215 closed circuit surveillance cameras and 215 monitors. Its 5.5 feet in diameter and 800 pounds of steel so you better step away no matter how curious you are. Each monitor is showing what a camera captures on the other side of the ball. Giving it the impression of being invisible…in a artistic way. VIDEO->

Official Website
Via Neatorama

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  • Jesse

    Don’t you just love people that have too much time and too much money? =D They come out with the coolest (and most pointless) things.

  • MistaPrimeMinista

    Yes we do love them 🙂
    But hey, without them the world would be pretty boring:P 🙂

  • legend85

    it may be pointless but the artest who made this wil be rich..pointless art always sells