Homemade Hydrogen Generator Cell

Some guy shows us how to make a hydrogen cell. Thanks guy! If you want to have full instructions on how to run your car on water. Here is a good place to start and their instructions are in PDF format. RunYourCarOnWater and Water4Gas. They both have good instructions and are somewhat easy to follow. VIDEO->

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  • Mert

    The gas you’re making is a mixture of hydrogen and oxygen, in the perfect proportions for combustion. Your bubble bottle makes a good flame arrester to keep from blowing your generator bottle up and should always be used. Now if you can just figure out how to scale up your model to produce enough gas to run a car, not over heat, and fit under the cramped hood of a car, you will be a Billionair over night! The world needs young thinkers that have not been contaminated by old men telling them that thier ideas won’t work. Keep plugging along, I hope to see you on the cover of Forbs magazine.

  • Thompsondima

     Please stop to post links to swindle sites !