Homemade Sniper Rifle made from PVC Pipes

What do bored teenagers do when they are together? They build sniper rifles from PVC. They even tell us that PVC is undetectable under X-Ray. Thanks genius! VIDEO->

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  • Anonymous

    how do u make it?

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    can yall make a how to video

  • Yeah. So, pretty cheap.. POOR

  • Anonymous

    howdid you make the bolt action

  • Anonymous

    instructions on how to make are on http://www.instructables.com.
    search 25mm pneumatic sniper rifle or something like that and it should come up.

  • dont have 1

    im making this gun but i think the tigger is too low for cumfort.i think im going to shoot darts.you guys look like nerds,and the music doesnt help.

  • KiNG

    It is cheap. Nice work. The only problem is to get the trigger. The part is not available. I know it is a simple part. It is simply unavailable. I was wondering if a spring held onto a blocker which would slide down and a metal piece would do the job.

  • how to make the barrel? to be mounted on the PVC?

  • This was a really a genius idea. It is cheaper than real riffle. But I am worry that it can be used of some bad elements because it is easy to provide.

  • tutorial ,please

  • the bullets, it made from what?