How Evolution Happens

This is a pretty neat animation on how evolution happens. You might argue on how they have animated the entire process but if evolution really happened it must be very similar to the animation. The only thing that I disagree is the change of colors, skins on the first creature shown because that would suggest that the creature was changing habitat very often, which I doubt. VIDEO->

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  • I like this version better.

  • I like this version better.

  • Sorry for the double-comment. My browser froze.

  • i kinda like that version too 🙂

  • The evolution of the feet seem a bit inaccurate. They had digits before they even fully turned into feet. Otherwise this was a great video.

  • Oh and what is the song and is there a YouTube version?

  • i looked on youtube and couldnt find it and i have no idea about the song…sorry

  • burn

    The song is “Just Like You Imagined” by Nine Inch Nails.