How Fast Can You Drive in Germany?

This answers the old question of “Why building a car that goess 200km/h if you can only drive up to a 100km/h?”. Is the Autobahn a myth or can you REALLY drive as fast as you want in Germany? VIDEO->

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  • You can really drive 400km/h on german highways if there´s no limit set (i`m from south germany where the Porsche and Mercedes Benz cars are made).
    Maybe that will change because of global warming prevention.

  • Gordon

    Nothing too extraordinary here in germany to drive more than 200 Km/h nearly had to laugh about the clip because we had hit 270 Km/h in a Porsche. 😉 but thanks for loving germaqny for its freedom on the roads.

  • MistaPrimeMinista

    Ya the clip must be pretty funny for a German, here in North America we dream of highways with no speed limit.

  • fluff

    There is actually a distance minimum between cars. AND there is a reason for it. Great thinking there fifth gear. That’s really what we need in germany. more idiots on the road!

  • Alex

    I just want to point out that his top speed was 155 MILES per hour, not kilometers. 155 mph equals 249 km/h which isn’t that far from 270 so I see no reason to laugh. And the whole point of this wasn’t to make a world record but to test if you can really go as fast as your car can go on a public high way.

  • wowie

    hahahah there is no speed limit in the philippines….but good luck finding a freeway! to us… a clear long streched and narrow road is a freeway! Godspeed! we can run full speed passing over a car going the opposit way in less than a meter..try that Germany!…ive been to the autobahn last year but the tourbus i was riding was restricted to cruise at 100 kmph…damn LOL

  • Gordon

    I know that 155 mp/h is 249km/h but if you are used to cars drive that fast it is weird to see a show only trying to do what some people are doing daily…but i understand your objection ALEX.

  • wowie

    i didnt know alex was the name of the blogger

  • Andy

    I agree thats not that fast I’ve been that fast state side (illegal: yes)

    I will say the roads, and all other transportation are quite superior to us in the USA

    last time I was in Germany I was told “if you get in a car crash above the suggested speed your insurance doesn’t pay”. Is this right?

    • Mieladus

      Yah that’s right. Here in Germany the insurance doesn’t pay if you drive over 130 km/h (80mph). But Germans are really good drivers, because getting a driver licence you have to complete 17-25 lessons (normal) and the theory part which you make before the real driving lesson takes 12 x 90min. And in Germany you have to pay 1200€-1600€ (1600$-2100$).

  • Gordon

    Yes that is right your inxureance dosn’t pay if you were above the speed limit …but if there are no speed limits then it is alway your fault …you could have driven slower.

  • Elibeetle

    WOW im so comming to Germany when my purse allows it

  • too fast

    a veyron does 265mph it could easily do 300mph with a differential change what about turbo upgrades and more speed i dont have a veyron or anything close but i want to get kicked out of germany for going too fast how fast would i have to go
    veyron more aerodynamic turbo upgrade nos gear ratio adjustments how fast 300mph 350mph 400mph
    can you go too fast for the autobahn
    i am never going to do this its just a thought i had but i will go 230mph if i can get to it in america so i wont be far from a bugatti
    gto 6.0 800hp? nos 6spd maybe the mercedes 8spd differential and a roll cage cause it’ll make my car look cool it’ll be one less thing for the cops to bitch about when i get caught by a fighter jet

  • too fast

    does doing 300mph get a free bj from a chick in the passenger seat? just wondering cause that’ll make it better than doing 230

  • Road Runner

    I’m a Big massive fan of Speed, Roller Coasters and anything with serious Horse Power. Petrol in the veins.
    I love the Autobahns they must have more roads like this in oter countries in Europe. If you are german and read this message. I love your atobahns. 🙂