How It’s Made: Pop Star : )

Remember the post on how models are made called “Make a beauty out of a frog with Photoshop“? This video shows us how easy it is to create a pop star capable of singing amazing songs (even if the one in video is terrible) and entertain the public with little talent allowing technology to change the voice. Sad but true…

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  • legend85

    hahaha hmm could they be going after paris hilton maybe the less hot simpson sister? i wonder …

  • braveNewWorld

    We are manipulated on a mass scale. What passes for art is marketing. The politicians we elect all made in a similar manner. The food we eat made in a lab and marketed to us. That why if people find something real, that wasn’t contrived, they gobble it up.

  • Yeah really, good pop culture references here.

  • Anonymous

    This is from the documentary Before the Music Dies. Go see it, it is amazing.

  • whatsupp

    who is she?

    • She’s a nobody turned into somebody by anybody.