How to Hack a Soda Machine – Video

Before you watch this video I want to let you all know that this is for informational purposes ONLY. I do not assume any responsibility for the use or mis-use of this video/article. : ) It shows a person hacking into a Coca-Cola soda machine with in few seconds. For more detailed information check his website, the site explains fully what you can do after you have hacked into it. There is different articles about this subject and here are some other links, Totse, Soda Scam (no hack), i-hacked, i-hacked 2. VIDEO ->

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  • tussin

    big deal, i thought you were gonna teach me how to get free drinks.

  • Maestrom

    Lol these “menus” are only the numbers of cans sold! There is a bigger menu underneath it but it’s been blocked..

  • Joe

    that sucked, if theres no free soda then whats the point

  • Johntotherescue

    This has been posted and reposted all over the internet. It’s not a big deal. It does nothing. and who the hell is this guy thinking he’s awesome by recording himself going through the “beverages sold” menu of a coke machine.

  • johnny

    wat a fag i wanna have some frre fricking drikns

  • well shit i had a machine drop all it’s coins out of it by doing this. funny stuff

  • terq

    man this is laughable. his punk ass didnt do a damn thing. assume responsibility for misuse of the video?

    how bout you assume some responsibility for wasting my fucking time.

  • terq

    “As you can see the menu has came up, …scroll through and you get different numbers…”

    Thank god for the internet, it succeeds in getting dumbass bricks, like this guy, out of their rooms and “hacking” soda machines.

  • Lysol

    Jesus Christ that’s lame

  • Warm saltwater in the coin slot worked 20 years ago, and it still works just as well to this day.

  • qmack26

    how do you hack to get a free soda stept to step details

  • steve


  • Jim Worley

    This guy is a complete moron. For the guy who was asking about the step by step on hacking coke machines, there really isnt much. You can take a 1:1 ratio of warm water and salt and squirt it into the coin slot of the vending machine. It will start sparking and then you make a selection and it will dump all the drinks in that choice. There are also the ghetto 90’s “taped dollar” trick which I never got to work. To find that one out you will have to do some research and find it b/c the step by step on that is fairly lengthy. Other than those 2 and the glass machine conveyor belt trick thats about it for “hacking” coke machines. You may get extremely lucky and find a coke machine where the guy who stocks it didnt know shit about the machine and didnt disable useful things for the outside debug menu.

  • luis

    this guy is a complete dumbass this asshole ows me a drink

  • nigga

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    bitch hoe nigga

    you owe me $1.25


    Oi-that’s going a bit too far, swearing here and there…

  • You could just put your money in and make your selection, right after u maek the selection u turn the machines power off via teh wall plug and then the little dooby that holds the drinks in stays open so all teh drinks in that row fall out

  • I got a good laugh from “by nigga”…
    alot of angry racist diatribe..and in the end he calls his subject a”bitch hoe nigga” I thought he was the nigga?? who’s the nigga??? hahahaha
    put down the chronic son and get a life…If you spent half the time being a real man instead of a punk you could buy yourself all the goddamn soda you wanted…..dumbasses need to wake-up and grow up….

  • wtf is up with all the “this is stupid” stuff? This is the standard sort of thing that you see in hacking magazines and stuff. Hacking doesn’t mean how to steal shit, it just means how to get into things you’re not supposed to, gives you a starting point. Play with the menu, quit bitching on a comment thread.

  • charles


    the easiest way to get free soda from a coke machine IS IF YOU follow these steps——
    1)press button code. numbers going either across top line in order 1234 (newer machines with grid of buttons with pictures) or goin down(vertical buttons)1
    type in code pressing buttons in this order:4231
    2)use buttons 2 and 3 to scroll thru menu.
    3)when on screen you see the word sale, press 4 to enter the sale menu.
    4th and final step) use 2 and 3 again to scroll thru sale menu and press 4th button when you see the word vend. then choose a soda and…. vwala!!!! free soda of choice
    works with all machines except the old crappy ones like the one in the video. the machine in the video was old model. thats why numbers appeared. i am still looking for the code to get to the cpo menu
    cpo- cash pay out menu. that is the menu where you can get free money from machine choosing how much money you want and in whatever change.
    i hack coke machines almost every day for free sodas trying to hack the main frame of the internal computer to get the cpo menu. and i thought id help you guys out. and if you are by one of those crappy convayer belt coke machines if you put money in and press against the belt door from inside and again when it tries again there will be a soda on the belt.try it again but without pushing against it the second time and you get two freaky deaky sodas for the price of one!!!

  • smelly nigga

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  • nerdy white punk teenager

    hey in the town which im goikn to momorrow has one of the newer machines and i am gonna try to get he cpo menu so i can get my dad a present better than sommat with £5 email me if yaa wanna chat … by my name u should guess i dont get out much

  • nerdy white punk teenager

    oh and i just red this thing on how to hack it and what all the menus mean and what im gonna do is ge some money from it get a free dirnk and changing tghe language to jaoanese or sommat HA

  • jacob

    dang it kinda works but but uhhh look at the more detelied instructions they let you get in i tried it it worked but i whent to like 5 defrent venders before it worked lol

  • did u get to the CPO menu>? if so how?

  • WERS & AEON TPK 05 & SNAKE 07

    You guys are total idiots.
    Why hack a machine when you can pay for it?
    It’s not that expensive to get a can or bottle of coke. So quit trying to hack machines and get the fuck away from here you poor fucking bastards 🙂 🙂 🙂

    WERS & AEON TPK 05 & SNAKE 07

  • alex`

    that was pretty fucking gay. im in middle school n im gonna try that tomorrow, not ur shitty ass one but some better ones i found on google. shitheads

  • alex`

    i heard from 1 of my friends that you can change the display message. can one of u tell me how to do that. (only rspnd if ur not a douche bag!) dont send it 2 me, just post

  • I tried it. I got to “sale” and pressed 4 and all I could get was some weird numbers when scrolling. “VEND” never showed up on the “sale” menu. What kind of BS is that?

  • GOD

    for those of u, who think it’s stupid to hack a coke machine when u an afford it, i just wanna tell u that it’s not about the damn money. its about fun and breaking rules.

  • vgabnd_210

    if you actually take the time to look up the manual they are getting all this from, it tells you that you have to have the door open ro access the cpo feature and the test feature…those are the only two ways to get free stuff using the code….it sucks i know…but untill someone can come up with a way to bypass that…its all show..

  • Brewster

    Wow this must be it. I am so stoked over this idea of free sodas anywhere, anytime. I really impressed my g-friend other night by “buying” her a fresno orange soda when i was totally flat broke. I told her it was magic I learned at bible camp. She creamed utterly for 2 minutes. Thanks Sir Johnny!

  • Brewster

    I think I have seen the cpo menu allowing me to see some number like 2230 or variance of it. I think u must confirm the selection of menu option with a 3rd or 4th button confirmation push then use another button to browse them

  • james

    hello the soda jackpot dont work at all

  • bill

    there really is a way to get free drinks and extra money press 43212311 and hold down the return change button if you did it right all the change in the machine will spill out

  • Theo

    Re to “Johnny Chuck”:

    That’s because the person who posted that is a dumbass. The only thing the sale menu gives you is the number of sales. To change the Price:

    1) Press 4-2-3-1
    2) Press 1. “PR1” shows up on the menu.
    3) Press “4” to set price on Button # 1
    4) Press “2” & “3” Buttons to set price.
    5) Press “4” To Enter this price.
    6) Press “2” to scroll to “PR2”, which represents Button #2. Repeat.

  • bri

    Wow that was wack ill stick with paying!!

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  • Dr. Rimjobb

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  • Bob



  • arguing on the internet is like running in the special olympics, even if you win, your still retarded

    … so shut the fuck up!!!

  • TheKid

    Im a lil weirded out Lol just a lil bit… I think it worked for me but Idk… like I pushed in sum bottons and it sayed RtN and shit like dat and all a sudden I look down and there is a PwerAde….

  • *************FREE-COKE*************


    p.s. works with most anything at wal-mart

  • i agree with big b

    I your gonna steal something, just fucking take it.

  • Indigo Wizard

    But I don’t like pepsi!! Coke machine is different?

    • You can try a different machine like the one in the other video… 🙂