How To Make Your Own Key Clone

If you need a quick key clone this might just be the fix. However the clone key would not be strong enough to turn the lock by itself so you would probably need a screw driver to help you turn it. Does it really work? I really have no idea! VIDEO->

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  • Leg3nd

    I wouldn’t trust a lock i can open with an thin aluminum key..

  • true that! but it seems like any lock can be opened with an aluminum key…:)

  • Oops! Metacafe didnt like this one, the video link is dead.

  • i just replaced it with a youtube clip…i hope they don’t remove it from youtube…

  • random

    whenever i try to do it the key isn’t strong enough and just rips when its in the key hole??? how do i make it stronger?

  • Try doubling the aluminum keys up a few times. That might make it strong enough. Or if you have a blank key, try inserting it with that.