Hybrid Solar Lighting

Hybrid Solar Lighting is a technology that can light houses with natural solar light. It captures solar light and channels it directly into the rooms using optical fibers. VIDEO->

Via Techeblog

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  • Poromenos

    Or, use windows!

  • That is very cool how the color of the light changes throughout the day to match what is actually going on outside. Very slick and simple.

  • Sean

    This is quite old tech. The Japanese came up with this proly over 5 years ago by now. Called it the ‘SunFlower’ I believe. They use a different set of optics though.

  • Kal

    Solar lightning… never thought of that, maybe it’s time to go out and see what all the fuss is about this “solar” thing I keep hearing about.

  • Ramasamy Veluswamy

    I am impressed by the posibility of using solar light for direct lighting of work places.Please mail me datails of commercial supplers

  • I am so just beginning my solar journey with outdoor solar lights, but as I see the great benefits just from those simple products, I am now looking for information on other types of solar energy uses. Your video is really enlightening. What a great jump in solar technology! I always have believed that it is the individuals’ thinking and innovative companies like yours that will find the ways to get this great country using alternative energy sources in everyday life.