Hydrofoil Surfboard

Looking at the Hydrofoil Surfboard makes me wonder if this is even possible, is it fake ? Surfers always looked cool gliding on water but now they look even more cool gliding aBoVe water. I have no information on this and no official website so if one of you has something please inform us.

Checkout these cool gadgets...

  • legend85

    i will take 2

  • blacksheep

    very nice 🙂
    less shark attacks… 😀

  • Definatly NOT FAKE… but I don’t think they’re for the beginer surfer, I saw the same footage on a big wave surf documentary, sorry I can’t remember the name of it 🙁

  • Edit… Riding Giants! is the film

  • Yeah, hydrofoiling is REAL!
    It is definatly for the expierenced ones,
    they get towed behind a Ski and ride waves for long periods of time, without any bumps or choppy waves. There is a fin under the board that keeps it above the water, creating a smooth ride…
    Some of my friends have done it, and I going to be next to try it!

  • it is sick

  • hennerz20101010

    They also have hydrofoils in billabong oddeysey