Islamic Inventions & Contributions – Documentary

This is a BBC documentary about a number of islamic scientific inventions and how they changed our modern world through real-life demonstrations. The documentary is long but it can be very interesting, taking us thousands of years back in time to show us how some of the most important inventions have come to life. VIDEO->

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  • Rex

    Finally. I’ve been looking for something like this a long time ago. Islamic History is so rich and ahead of its time, it’s a shame people know so little (or the exact opposite) about it.

  • You right Rex, most people are not aware how our society is affected by other cultures from the middle east, asia or from anywhere else.

  • legend85

    kinda boring but interesting

  • Moon

    Actually, Islam is most of what went wrong with Arab development.

    Read “What Went Wrong” by Bernard Lewis.

  • Nazim

    Moon should read the Quran and discover more about Islam.