Magnetic Floating Bed

Forget the water beds and swinging beds, this all new Millionaire’s Magnetic Floating Bed is going to make you look like you own the world. The bed floats in the air and can support up to 900kgs and is held by 4 very thin wires. This bed is expected to cost $1,200,000.

As you might have guessed it you probably won’t be able to have anything metalic in the house once you have this bed installed. Its going to be plastic all over.

For more info on the bed go to UniverseArchitecture and click on ”FloatingBed”.

If you are interested in Magnetic Energy check out the post on Free Energy From Magnetic Motor.

Magnetic floating couch

This couch concept is probably what this whole project of magnetic floating furniture can turn into, a simple elegant and magic floating item in your living room.

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  • luis

    no shit?! is the bed protected from a very high magnetic field?

  • Tentacles

    lol what are those fat arse americans gonna do?

    • Im Sexy

      were gunna get up then sit back down because our favorite show is on! take that!

  • Carlos

    I guess you probly wouldnt be wearing any jewelry to bed then

  • Rick

    Doesn’t look very comfortable. Cool concept though. Get my tempurpedic to float and then you’re talking.

  • dethfactor

    Hey Tentacles,
    We’ll be fucking someone you hold dear on it.

  • EN

    hmmm a bed that can fuck you up as bad as too many cat scans and MRIs. What the hell are they thinking?

    Tentacles, just because the world publishes that america is fat does not mean there is no problem anywhere else in the world.
    Not to long again i believe germany was askign us for help with their “fat” problem etc. Kinda funny how you didn’t mention where your from.

  • JayTee

    well the description states it’s plastic magnet, so i believe it’s magnetic field isn’t going to be as harmful as its metalic counterparts.

  • Not Telling

    Pfff. Not only are they fat but they’re angry… Go drive your hummer to melt the ice caps and siege more of the Middle East, you shit.

  • dave

    “Doesn’t look very comfortable. Cool concept though. Get my tempurpedic to float and then you’re talking.”

    just put the tempurpedic on top of it. for 1.2 million the least they could of done is made it so it wouldn’t affect anything metal in the house

  • Tom

    I bet this would never support the weight of a fatass American

    • Im Sexy

      i would get up to shake your hand but i have diabetes and had to get both of my arms amputated

  • The Guy Above Me Sucks

    At least we can. Go back to driving your gayass little cars (If you even have one at all). At least we’re not afraid of the ME pussy. And no matter what country you’re from, you’re our bitch.

    Must be why you’re so grumpy (and all that sand in your vagina…).

    • Im Sexy

      crusty clits ew

  • dontremember

    well i dunno about you but i believe this article is about a magnetic floating bed, not a war between america and the rest of the world. and i think its cool but costs wayyyy too much.o and by the way people can you at least try to get your facts straight if your gonna say something.

  • coffo

    i dont even live in america and i hate you
    basicly you are being racist its like asking a black person to shine your shoes or expecting all the muslims in the world to be suicide bombers
    calling all americans fat is exactly the same thing

    • Im Sexy

      what was that i was too busy hating on all these monkeys

  • SLiM

    This bed is from Amsterdam! Why would you bring America into this? Are you retarded? Most Americans I know aren’t fat at all.

  • avis

    Scientific Gay Technologies!

  • mcgoo

    “well the description states it’s plastic magnet, so i believe it’s magnetic field isn’t going to be as harmful as its metalic counterparts.”

    We need more chlorine for the gene pool.

  • Joe

    People, READ the actual description. The Bed is made of magnets, there is no such thing as a “plastic magnet”. It’s a neodymium magnet, and trust me, it’s metal.

  • JB

    Fat Americans and there inventions….they need magnet to hold them up cause gravity is there enemy…lol fat americans…go eat a double cheseseburger from mcdonalds…that’s been cooking in the bloody oil you stole from the middle east….taste good doens’nt it….fatty fat fats…lol…go do a sit up or something…

  • USA

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    USA > ALL

  • Yo.

    holy neodynium magnets… are the strongest shiets in the world….my science teachers finger broke.. because two can together and smashed it =O

  • Mofo

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    yeah, keep hatin on america. until some country bombs u faggots and u come crawlin the fuck back.

  • Dre

    Well mister Mofo, you sound like an asian american. You have no right to talk here. Your women have hairy cooters that will cause friction and disrupt the field. Fuck America too. Africa invented this thousands of years ago through natural sources.

  • R

    Cool bed, far too expensive though.

    Yeah to all of the ‘country-ists’ your idiots, im british and i know there are alot of overweight people here too its just America is much more publicised. And as for the Hummer thing, i have a Hummer too, so shut up.

  • Reading the comments of the non-us citizens in here only strengthens my notion that we should fucking nuke everyone else and be done with.

  • Yo Momma

    Wow, Testicles really got the ball rolling. As far as sieging the Middle East, we’re just giving them a break so they can recoup and continue sieging themselves in a few years again.
    …Africa invented it? Whatever Africa invented a bazillion years ago was the last thing they invented. Bragging rights are over.
    …tell you what, jackarse, go piss on the guy bitching about USA sieging the Middle East. Wasn’t it the Arabs who had solid slave trading networks throughout Africa where they stole Africans for 1 or 2 thousand years before the Dutch ever came along? The only people who care about it today are a few Americans who pay the modern day slave traders off to free captives. Don’t dispute it, look it up.
    Oh yeah, and cool bed.

  • mike

    Im from America. Im not fat. I dont drive a hummer – I actually cant stand them, but I also wouldnt be caught dead in a smart car. I dont own a gun and I dont like icecream. I understand that I do infact have an accent.
    Stereotypes are for the uneducated.
    Ive been to Europe to study and I know what an Ugly American is. Not all of us are Ugly Americans, and those of you who assume that we are are no better than an Ugly American.

  • hpiguy

    I don’t know anything about this bed, but I do know that kicks ass.

  • legend85

    Americans do this Americans are this shut up who cares….Americans do more for your countries then your own governments will do…dont beleave me look at a few humanitarian web sites and see what the ppl of my “fat” country are doing to feed the ppl of your well built bodies do to hunger…… billions upon billions of dollors to feed those who cant in your countries and what dose your governments do with that money pad there pockits and yet you hate us…nice way to bite the hand that feeds you

    at least i can say this in public and not get my haed chopped off…..”Fuck the queen”

    oh yeah i want that bed…..freakin sweet!!!!!!!!!!

  • jeffabc

    900kgs = 1980lbs
    Therefore you could fit almost 10*200lbs people. Might be an ugly orgy but kinda nullifies the fat point, it ain’t gonna break!

  • Friggin who cares

    Hmmmm….I think we can all agree that America possesses the best military might in the world and could kick a lot of countries asses, BUT! When you put it in perspective they basically have a lot of smart bombs, with a whole whack of dumb children. Don’t believe me? Count the spelling errors in the last guys post

  • legend85

    srry i dont go around proof reading what i type on a websit..opps website…im just not that asinine and you should’nt be eather. just as long as i get my point across….;)

  • As has been said before here…I’m pretty sure that this post is about a somewhat cool concept of a bed that costs WAY too much. BUT since some (not all) of you fuckers are so ignorant as to call all Americans fat I have to jump in on this little fight. I’m an American and I’m far from fat as are all of my friends and every single I’ve ever dated. We are NOT all fat. Just because some stupid fucks decide that life’s long enough to just sit on the couch doing nuthin but eat all day, doesnt mean we’re all that way! I very rarely find my ass sitting on a couch, I rock climb, mountain bike, run, hike, kayak, and swim. Oh, and we dont all drive Hummers. To tell you the truth those things bug the piss outta me cuz they are so pointless. So dont go thinking that you other fuckin countries are the only ones who care about the your bodies and the environment. And you know what else? Fuck Bush and his fucking war! We dont all believe in this stupid Middle East bullshit. I have friends who’ve died over there because they signed up to defend our country and ended up mixed up in this shitstorm. And if you have anything bad to say about ANYONE in our military aside from the assholes who’re callin the shots over there then I will personally hunt you down, tear your head off shove it up your ass and shit down your neck! FUCKERS!

  • Stu

    Hey People…..focus – It’s just a concept bed…save the rhetoric for another waste-of-time blogs site.

  • poolman09

    I agree with spiffy people just stop being soooo prejiduce plz… the bed was made in Amsterdam and America is roughly…. oh i don’t know… 3,500 fucking miles away??? god … just listen to spiffy ok?!? oh and spiffy … rock on freeky bro.

  • david

    to shit with this-just build your own bed by glueing a bunch of supermagnets- (
    to your mattress and a bunch to the floor

  • luis

    heheehehheheheheheh makes me wanna take a shit

  • DJVetokoek

    Lol! Back here in Johannesburg, we are all having a good laugh about this thread. This url must have some sort of magnetism as it seems to be attracting all sorts of oppositely charged characters. Magneto will literally have a field day!

  • taylor

    listen up you fat bitches we need gravity beds cuz were just gangster like that!!!! and by the way im a DUDE
    stop making fun of us
    bcuz u guys r too poor to afford this stuff
    so ur all JEALOUSSSS

  • COuntryBlondeGuy

    So… THe bad looks majorly uncomfortable and it is overly expensive… It seems like whoever invented it is not seeing that they oculd do sooo much more than just build magnetic beds… What is so wrong with just a regular bed? It just seems that all that magnetic stuff is being wasted on an overly priced bed. It would also suck to have to only have plastic in the house…

    On a different note… I am an american… I thnk hummers are cool. I hate how they destroy the earth though. I do recycle and conserve energy. I can’t even drive yet… so… I have no car… Uh… Yea… Please stop raggin on America and people from America stop raggin on other countries…

  • Riotpack

    I tryed one of these beds out in Russia on a round house kick show in the capital.
    Little did I know my testicles would rupture under the strong magnetic force! (I have a pierced testicle with a 1/8th inch bar through it, not pierced scrotum but the actual nut) – as I sat on this prototype I felt a back spasm coming on so I jumped up fast but my sack was glued down by the magnetic force which ripped my nut off! The bed was only going to cost $399.95 but after my lawsuit they had to adjust pricing to cope. Oh and if you get one don’t flip if upside down or it will stick to the bottom plate and you will never get it free – I KNOW!

  • Jay Moe

    I think its about goddamn time we get something futuristic. I mean in the fifties they thought in the future we’d be driving flying cars, and teleporting everywhere. So I think we should put more money into frivolous things like this.

    Oh ya and I dont think any country is better than the other. I think all of humanity fukkin blows. Everyone talks about wars and killin the earth. We all ave one thing in common… WE ALL SUCK DOGS FOR QUARTERS.

  • richy

    blimey , why is everyone so angry ? i think you should all just calm down a bit , by the way , i think the bed looks like a load of stupid shit,and i wouldn’t like to fall off of it !!what happens if there’s a power cut in the night ? do you come down with one almighty crash ? that would probably hurt,

  • poolman09

    i agree and plus we all need to stay on subject so i think the bed could be easier to operate if it was an electro magnet, like an MRI and it is true that they use nedymium magnets, i have built a cannon out of several, but they have some serios flaws. So the electromagnet would be better and don’t they use magnets for “magnetetic therapy?” So, technically, the magnet should’nt harm u, unless u have peirced ur balls… lol no offence but that was funny

  • Jaybone

    I’m 29 years old. I weigh 230 lbs. I drive a Honda. I think Bush is the one that needs shot, and I am an American. I love my country but despise my corrupt, power hungry, and manipulative government. My country has problems. Everyone’s country has problems in one form or another. Let’s stop arguing and focus on solving the problems. Weight is superfluous. Race is superfluous. Gender is superfluous. Being human is the common ground that we all stand on and THAT is important.
    Great Britain is a beautiful place. Africa is a beautiful place. Amsterdam is a beautiful place. If this shallow, superficial behavior persists, these places will perish due to our own pointless infighting. Let’s please all remember we are all people no matter where we are from. And the acts of the ignorant and arrogant few (my government) do not justify the debasing of an entire country. And dude, sorry about your nuts.

    • Fuck off, Sincerely, America

      So you’re one of the guys that drives the foreign car, with an Obama sticker on the back, and preaches for the rest of us to fix America? You are doing nothing to solve the problem. The fact you bought a honda vs. a domestic car symbolises you are NOT for helping america bring the factories back, and the fact you voted for Obama also says you are all for this stupid welfare shit, and free healthcare. The countries with free healthcare have the WORST medical care in the WORLD. It is a known fact, available on any site. So get out of here, you speak of other countries being beautiful, move the hell over there, no one in america wants you here.

      • Andrew

        Without international trade America would be be a super power and Britain has free healthcare and to a very high standard

      • Steven M Lehrer

        First off, you are wrong! I want him and others like him to be here!
        Secondly, President Obama, has amazingly, turned around the mess that George W. left behind. The right wing extremists, have crippled our nation! They, my eloquently challenged friend, are the one that have taken all our factories over seas! The rich republicans have “outsourced” us, right out of our livelyhoods! By the way, the Buick Regal, [a good “American car”], had it’s lovely interior designed in China! It’s excellent sport suspension, was designed in Germany. It’s great, strong, reliable, construction, was done in Mexico! Many of the high tech, advanced electronic, are from, Japan, Taiwan, and South Korea! Many of the Buicks [once assembled in Mexico], are stored in and imported thru Canada! So my developmentally challenged friend, what is it you were saying? Ah, ha, I thought so!

  • LOL. I love the three types of people:

    a) The people who want to break up arguments and stay on track.



    c)People who type waaaay too much over a stupid contriversial subject on race or sex, without even caring about the post.

    O yeah, neat idea. {lol im c}

  • lol…

  • +usaa+co+


  • Daniel

    Thats not a bed its just a thin wide steel brick

  • I’m Your Daddy Bitch

    Wow, who’s the fucking genious that realized that like poles of magnets repel causing them to float. Give this guy a nobel prize

  • Guesseppi

    I have no probs with american ppl, just the dickheads who run it i.e. bush. That goes 4 all political leaders you guys stop blaming each other and blame the dipshit presidents and people who caused the bloody problem in the Middle east. Not all americans are fat, and not all muslims are terrorists, but i think most political leaders are dickheads. Oh and stop threatening each other with nukes and stuff, the bloddy american government is hardly going to fire missiles over a stupid online conversation about a floating bed. By the way, i’m australian, and 14 years old.

    But i think the bed is a great idea, apart from the magnetic field, that could get a bit annoying, and if the bed flips and sticks. But it looks great and could be comfortable with some more padding. Could do something about the flipping though.

    P.S. Sorry about your nuts Riotpack, but it is hilarious LOL. And any ppl fighting about the countries SHUT UP since bush helped al-qaeda in ww2 anyway.

    • Danielle Fisher

      Amen, to you sir!

  • wow

    really making ur countries proud guys, flamming on internet boards, i totally respect USA and all other countries here, ur all at fault u know, all ur countries have either had slaves, laid seige to other, or have fucked up governments, get over it

    fkn pro country bullshit, look, where u live is decided by imaginary lines on a map, congrats, i doubt ur peice of dirt is any more special than any other, ur not unique snow flakes 🙁 sorry

    • Edward Hoff

      I’m American and i really don’t believe that to be true, so your observation is false, good try though.

      • Danielle Fisher

        Hey, who is it to you to tell him his observation is false. This observation is an opinion and who are you to tell him his opinion is wrong. Because in actual fact it isn’t, most first world countries had slaves and had fucked up governments at some point in their history.

        And if you think about it by just putting imaginary lines on a map and claiming land doesn’t make it more valuable and specials it the same type of land every where except, different people own it and there’s more money there.

        Personally, I love every other country, their culture their religions, everything.But that doesn’t mean I agree with everything they do and say and believe in. However that dominoes give me the right to say its wrong just because I believe it is. I’ll let you think about that, if you ever see this and i hope your opinions have changed.

  • Me

    The beds a nice idea, just not practical. If your wearing a metal ring, or necklace, or if you have a pacemaker this thing won’t let you go 😛 Or it’ll kill you (it might stop the pacemaker). But nice idea. 🙂

    • Summer

      Not quite. Most jewelry is not made of magnetic metals. I’ve never, not even once, had my jewelry get stuck to a magnet, unless it was specifically designed to do so.

  • Asmodeus Prime

    What’s so wrong with Bush . . . I mean, at least he’s honest. I don’t really agree with all of his politics but I’m pretty sure that he’s doing as good a job as possible. The majority of the U.S. agreed that we should go to Iraq, hell, even Al Gore said we needed to. It’s not George’s fault that 50% of Americans are wusses or can’t stand by their decisions, and it definitely isn’t his fault that all of this middle east bullshit fell on his plate. He has his problems, sure enough, but give the guy a break. If anything, blame Clinton for fucking up relations with the middle east just before he left office. Also – the bed’s pretty neat, but why . . .

  • BOB

    LoL. this funny ass racist conversation has been going on for almost 2 years. just reading throu it is hylarious. the bed is pretty cool thou. useless , but cool.

  • A Real American Hero

    America Rulez. 99.9% of Americans are gangsta and kik ass. id know. so shut da fuk up. 50% of americans are not wussys like u.

    • Smart American

      People like you make Americans stereotypically stupid.

      • Danielle Fisher

        I completely agree, if your going to stick up for america get your facts right and get spelling right man, because who’s going to support a guy you sounds like you swallowed a child toy that can speak

  • polop

    ha lol look at the dispute this bed has caused.
    america – 1) the fstest county in the world (i think)
    2) the most stupid, geneticaly inadequate leader in the world
    3) the worst accent in the world
    im from the uk
    1) catching up in the fatness department
    2) g. brown what a dick head
    3) i like our accent
    realy every county is the same lol

    • Edward Hoff

       i think the uk accent is way worse, like bohtul instead of bottle, lmao makes me laugh.

  • bobby

    dunno bout americans but in UK there are a lot of fat b*tches…f*ckin disgusting when u see them goin out to disco’s…but the worst part is that people are ok with that…f*ckin open your eyes yeah?!!!

  • High society

    lol who needs a floating bed anyway, it just seems like a waste of money and space. I mean if you had one you would actually have to clean your room when your parents told you to instead of just tossing it under your

  • American

    I’m an American and I’m far from being fat there are actually some americans that aren’t fat … but most are


    oh touch me mommy

  • Man that the way i also have design a floating chair but it’s quit different and
    made out of plastic with rings and computer for setting it’s so nice to see that
    your thinking outside the Box i would you to see this and theirs more it to do
    with sports it also float keep up the good work.

  • Kelly

    how much will the sofa cost?

    • Kelly, as it stands these prototypes have no real value until they go into production. I will update the post as soon as we see one in full production. 🙂

  • Jesus

    Who else saw this on ifunny and decided to look it up lol

    • What exactly is iFunny ?

      • IFUNNY

        It is a app located on your smart phone.

        • Bandais

          “on your smart phone” I don’t have a smart phone so if i take you literally, you’re wrong.

    • Yo

      Me too

    • Jedidiah Cwb Pilkinton

      i did

  • Im Sexy

    fart noise

  • Im Sexy

    im a panda, im asian, black, and white. everyone loves me! stop the hate and masturbate!

  • Randy

    How the hell did America get into this? Its a damn bed.