Mapping veins as human 'bar code'


A small medical company in Memphis has developed a new way of palm reading. That is palm reading for identifying if you are a criminal or not. They trace the veins in our palms to use them as finger prints. It is supposed to revival retina scans and finger prints.

From>”Our vein structures are completely different, especially when you look at the palm,” said Luminetx Chief Executive Officer Jim Phillips. “In a way, it’s like looking at a bar code. We convert your veins to a bar code.”

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  • Davd Kruse

    What is the name of this company?? Because I’m seriously going to take down this project. What they’re doing is going to propel the United States further into becoming a re-enactment of Nazi Germany. When the Jews were sent to concentration camps such as Auschwitz, they were given serial numbers, so the guards could assign them to slave labor. This is basically the same thing as a serial number! If the elite were to get their hands on this, they would incarcerate all of us as if this country was Nazi Germany all over again! No way am I letting that happen!