Monatomic Elements And Secrets Of The Ark Of Covenant

This is one of the most bizarre presentations I have seen. To this day I do not know what to believe about monatomic elements, their super powers and their real use in history. The claims are pretty astonishing, they go as far as saying that these elements can make a person levitate. As crazy as it sounds, listening to the entire thing makes it pretty plausible. The primary element used seemes to be gold, its use in history is obvious and could explain our fascination for it. It also goes on explaining the philosopher’s stone which has always fascinated historians, turns out the philosopher’s stone is a monatomic element, once again, gold. Could these elements already be used to bend space and time? After all we already heard rumors of NASA programs about “warp drive” and interstellar travel. Judge by yourself… VIDEO->

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  • Alex


  • yes but im affraid i won’t be as active as before

  • Utopia

    Very interesting presentation. I was very skeptical at the beginning, but after watching it all, many things seem to be plausible. Especially I liked the end part of the presentation.

    The presentation was recorded some years ago and it is strange that up to this moment there is no information from the media about breakthrough in anti gravitational devices, medicine, efficient energy transfer etc.

  • I agree with you Utopia…very interesting indeed…