Most Realistic Computer Generated Waters

From what I hear, water is the most difficult to simulate. These are the most realistic and most amazing water effects ever made. VIDEO->

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  • Levo75

    I am seriously stunned.


  • Bachame

    Holy crap, that’s the only way to describe it. I could swear that they videotaped that.

  • Bachame

    p.s. Good find MISTAPRIMEMINISTA.

  • wowie

    the ILM once said that the hardest material to animate is the water( i guess thats where you heard it too)..the time when they were making the movie “the perfect storm” and now look at this…… but actually if you watched the movie x men 3…the uprising of the water was pretty realistic too

  • is that whale attacking on the plane also 3D – i mean made with Computer Animation ?

  • AvidVistor

    Please update your site, i am getting bored of these videos.

  • Is this site definitly closed?

  • derek

    its closed?

  • What happened to this blog? This was one of my favorite sites to visit… and now I’m sad to see it hasn’t been updated in over a month.

  • Cole

    Closed? What? Where did you hear that? I hope not.

  • ZORK

    There hasn’t been any updates for a whole month! I’m starting to get HIGHT3CH withdrawals here

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  • No updates from 03.16.07! why?

  • blaat

    Yeah i watched this site all the time. does anyone know more about this? 🙁

  • Maybe the owner died in a car accident and the site remains open until his provider turns it down… Or he got eaten by a grizzzzlybearrr

  • Chad

    I am pretty sure it has something to do with the person he is talking about in this post:

  • MAN

    not likely, the probable thing that happened is that he tripped over a pig and fell inside a closet that locked itself from outside…. yup hes probably sutting there dead by now…

  • wowie

    what happened to this site…the webmaster died!

  • somebody know who we can contact to know what happened to webmaster?

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    what have you been up you . now theen we neeedmore high tech.i dont what you think you are playing at but what we need is you to post more goodness in to the world like a sniggering york peen it is imperitive that he atops sniggering which rhymes with niggering which isd not rascist but still is good and moreto the point if we dont recive more hightech in the near future people are going to dye… yes that is you webmaster i would read this and sort things out because i am a volatile man and i dont know what mite happen the steroids pumping round this blood stream can cause problrems for the both of us now now it i time mr hightech to get mr highteching!!!

  • Utopia

    I am really missing new posts here. Hopefully author is fine.

  • Sam

    The “contact” section would probably be a good idea.

  • Secretary of Defence

    Sry for all this comotion the webmaster is
    Busy thess last day’s and no he didnt die
    certainly not by a pig the site should be back and runing full speed in about 1-3 weeks well that is what i think

  • K3Yz

    alooo anybody home…..

  • Koray Ustuner

    Whats wrong with this web site. Hope everything is ok.

  • anthroc

    he got bored of scouring the internet everyay for updates. its time consuming and theres a real world out there. thats my theory.

  • Popcorny

    Damn, this site was one of my favorites… We need to find out what happened.

  • i tried to lookup with WHO IS service just to know the name of the owner but there’s a service called WHO IS GUARD that block you to find out the personal data . So i found the expiration date of site: 17 Jan 2008 13:35:45 but that means nothing…

  • just getting married I guess…

  • Gordon

    hmmm it really seems like the “goverment” has been putsched we lost the primeminister it is a pity does someone know him personally??

  • Koray Ustuner

    I know he met with somebody 2 months ago on holiday and possibly fall in love with her in first sight. 🙂
    So may be he went to holiday again to see her. If he comes back, first thing I will ask for his e-mail, or some other personal informations just in case 🙂

  • ohh. it’s great!

  • Lets hire a private detective.
    I’ll give you my bank account number and you all make a small deposite. Lets say 50 $ each, and when i have enough we hire the detective, find the dude who ownes this site and make him start posting again.

  • Woo

    I hope he’s alright… *not dead or something like some of u think 🙁
    and this site was one of the greatest sites ever

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    i hope this site goes back up again soon

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    hope this site goes back up

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    Please, Hight3ch, come back! We haven’t given up on you yet.

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    Yup, it’s over man

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    its official…the blog master of this site died….he was eaten by the technology!

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    OH NOES!!

  • I must say that I am pleasantly surprised with all the nice comments.:)

    I will explain a little more what happen in a post. But not too much details since the story is insane.
    As you can see the site is half functional so I need to make it work first.

    Patience, HighT3ch will be up again.:)

    Thank you all IMMENSLY for comments and support.

  • yay! looks like.. its all good again 🙂 cnt wait

  • Len3nd

    Haha I missed this site so happys its coming back..

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    welcome back 🙂