MSN Messenger for Nintendo DS

Nintendo has been very flexible with their DS, giving the possibility to the user to use Opera as a browser and even being able to stream live TV. The next step was pretty obvious and its the MSN Messenger working fully on the DS. BEUP DOWNLOAD LINK VIDEO->

Via NewLaunches

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  • Alex

    I watched a video about the DS opera browser and it looks nothing like this guys. This one looks like windows vista! I am planning on buying the DS lite soon. where can i find an Opera or Vista cartridge??? Thanks!

  • Bob

    Just use your computer???

  • jake

    i need to know how to get messenger- also would i be able to do it on normal ds?

  • nash

    were can i get msn or windowws live on my ds or can i just download it.

  • emma

    hi i have got a nintendo DS and i watched the video and it looks well cool! how can you get msn messenger on your DS?

  • emma c

    how can u get it
    cause i really want it!

  • Ummmm yeah i have a ds and yeah !

  • jessie

    which one was just show in the video?
    DS opera browser or something else???
    please reply

  • luke

    how do i use the computer to do that

  • pukkiej

    i don’t no where i can download msn on my ds:S can you help me??

  • how can i get msn on my nintendo ds,,,jeez!

  • i want msn on my nintendo ds lol

  • ask the almighty Google, reagan12

  • kirsty

    do you how to downlaod google on nintendo ds if so plz send me a email

  • Lintu

    Guys, just so you know, this doesn’t work anymore.

  • Rakesh

    hey i downloaded it but its doesnt do anything after doing hand shake

    it just stays there

  • inXite

    Beup is now dead, due to HtheB’s computer crashing, so now his server is not working ;o. And we haven’t heard from him since January.

  • this is fack

  • Hey um i wanna download msn to my DS but i don’t wanna have to buy a browser can i actaully download it for free or is that illegle if it is illegle then i say HOW RUDE!

  • Waddah

    u can get msn if u hav a modchip for the DS so u can download things from the computer to the DS

  • bob

    know you dont need amod chip. what u need is a r4i that can be bought online. u can run home brew stuff like ds organizer which has web browser built in