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  • jaron


  • Paul

    looks hot sounds amazing … i will be trying my hardest to break it… I WANT ONE………..

  • Bizak

    Its not a motorized skate board.. Its motorized skate board whit rubber mat instead of wheels… it wont do any impact on any sport.. You know why? because it 10 times slower… bulky and wrong in general.

  • joe

    dude were do u get 1

  • these babies are coming out in 2009!


    just hope they are not too expensive like the segways!


    can you help me? I don’t know whay should i do
    i dont noob!

  • Please some links for a lot of interesting about celebrities

  • indettebelo

    Q. How did the gay break his leg at the golf course? – A. He fell off the ball washer!

  • Interested if this will travel well on a mountain
    rocky terrain and the cost. Please let me know.
    Thanks. L Scriven, north ga

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