Next Level Touch Screen

A new mircale has come out! It is called the Multi-Touch Interaction Screen. We are going to be able to interact with a touch screen using more than one finger simultaneously ! From MTIR -> ”These go far beyond the “poking” actions you get with a typical touchscreen, or the gross gesturing found in video-based interactive interfaces. It is a rich area for research, and we are extremely excited by its potential for advances in efficiency, usability, and intuitiveness. It’s also just so much fun!

Our technique is force-sensitive, and provides unprecedented resolution and scalability, allowing us to create sophisticated multi-point widgets for applications large enough to accomodate both hands and multiple users. ”

Via InsideGoogle

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  • i would give just about anything for one of these.
    so very very cool.
    any word on the cost, or how long they will take to be available to the general public|?

  • Nathan

    That’s very interesting, but where exactly is it practical?

  • Nick

    Where isn’t it practical, by allowing fully programmable and customizable interfaces for the user this screen could easily replace our moitor, keyboard and mouse setup. So can I ask again, where is it not practical? The only answer is were economic concerns are a problem, unless there cheap to produce.

  • the Wong

    hardcore Minority Report…think of it that way and you can see the infinite possibilities of applications it could have

  • c Giz

    who made the music? I don’t care that much about the touch screen, but the music makes me want to

  • The music is “Who Am I” by Peace Orchestra, from their self-titled first album.

    As someone who works in interactive I can tell you right now that this is the future – once these are mass market everything will change. The limits of human/computer potential are stifled at the interface, and this tech will take interaction to a whole new level. Incredibly exciting!

  • I would love to DJ with that screen! I wonder how soon a product like that could be available to the market?

    – Josh

  • Xstrap

    AWESOME! Technology is surging forward at such a rate it leaves us all spinning…As for applications for it I’m sure the Military and the like would find many uses for it. Saying that they will probably be the only ones able to afford it in the intial stages…

  • TareX

    The “Minority Report” screens are not far along. This definetly IS the future. AMAZING.

    Hopefully I’ll see my grandson playing with it someday in the distant future… (or maybe my son… how about me?) 😀