Optical Illusion at its Best

This post is perfect for the Uncategorized category of HighT3ch and this illusion is as old as the world. It really has nothing to do with high tech but alot with boredom. If I was a psychologist and asked you the question ”Which one of these two bars is larger?” what would you say ? If you are human you would certainly say the bottom one but in that case you would be wrOng! The two bars are equal size. If you really don’t think that these two bars are equal watch the VIDEO->

Via OpticalIllusions

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  • PsyK

    My Head.. Blagged! Nooo! Freaky Stuff, But Perhaps Camera Trickery?

  • PsyK

    ^ And im from the UK so its still the 6.7.06 and its 01:16hrs 😀 god i need to sleep

  • gusto5

    lol anyone who’s studied psychology would have told you they were the same 😀

  • Bachame

    So confused… How does that work? And where can I get two of those bars?

  • grasstastic

    i know how it works man…its the curves in the bars

    the outer curve is bigger so when lined to the inner curve of the opposite bar it looks longer and visa versa, and when their on top of each other yo can see that they are the same size