Peugeot Concept Car – ''Moovie''

When you have some of the best car designers competing in one competition for the Europe’s famous Peugeot, you get the ”Moovie”. Designed by a 21 year old Designer Adree Costa. This weird looking car is almost how we should imagine the future cars. Its looking too smooth, I love it and its electric ! MORE PICS->

Via LesEchos



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  • Mike

    This looks like one of the worst cars I have ever seen. The market would never go for this. Also the arodynamics are not that good.

  • nice car ill have that for 30,000,000

  • Anonymous

    i love this car a lot!!!!!

  • tyler

    This car is soooooooo cool i want one so bad if they come out, and i think that they should come out that way i can go buy one of those cool cars and oh did i tell you that your car that you made ROXXX!!!!!!!!!

  • tyler

    I dont care what the dork mike said that car rox out loud like i said be4 and i always dream that i have one and to tell you the truth i sometimes get a little deprested because well that is how bad i want one. And can you please wright back and tell me if they are out or not i dont know yet???

  • tyler

    hey is anybody go n to say something about if the car is out?????

  • tyler

    I am soooo sad that our towns cellar bar has burned down i used to go ther when i was little and now i cant go there any more that sucks balls and ass that it is gone