Robotic Pack Mule Built For U.S. Military

A four-legged robot called BigDog can carry more than 88 pounds, and doesn’t lose its balance, even when its being kicked and pushed around. Developed by Boston Dynamics for the U.S. military. I want to see the sony robots get kicked around and still stand ! VIDEO

Via TheRawFeed BigDog.jpg

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  • It needs to stay off the beer, reminds me of Bender!

  • good idea, but it is so fucking loud that everyone will know youre coming.

  • Metallica

    i agree with soiknow but it would be way cooler if that thing would have guns on its back!

  • I’m doing a report on robotics and BigDog is in it!!! It would be great if BigDog could fire a weapon and act like a soldier!