Scientists are Not Sure Why This Forest Ground Bounces

A forest floor that behaves like a bouncy trampoline has left scientists baffled. The phenomenon, which is thought to be natural, enables people to bounce upon a patch of earth, but scientists are struggling to explain why the ground is behaving as it is. A pair of hikers came across the unusual spot close to a river in a forest in St Jerome, Quebec in Canada.
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    Just dig a hole and find out what’s underneath! 😛

    • I don’t think they thought of that yet 😛

  • Skeletor1101

    I’ve had this happen to me in my hometown with a gravel path walkway that is never maintained, during the spring and sometimes fall, the earth seems to move up and down with you as you walk, kind of eerie

    • Maybe water has to do something with this since it is in spring and fall…

  • Joshua Thirteen

    I seriously doubt the words “has left scientists baffled”. Most of the time when you see those kinds of words in descriptions they are used to falsely inflate the sense of wonder. Cite a source for a scientist who studied it and was baffled, or go home.

    • That’s true but I haven’t found a source where this phenomenon was explained.