Soccer + Volleyball = Sepak Takraw

Im a big fan of soccer and volleyball, I just discovered this new amazing sport called Sepak Tekraw. Its a fast-growing Asian sport that seems to be very demanding and is cool to watch. These guys are like frogs in the air. Nothing t3ch but check it out! VIDEO->

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  • ORdiCo

    This sport has been around for a very very long time. It is only played in southeast asia though.

  • bsk

    Just to say that this is not really new (played for years in asia) but with globalization, it just reached our side of the world 😉

  • TJ

    it would be cool if the video wasnt in slow-mo

  • freddirt

    Not True, Brazil calls it footvolley & has been played for years…..

  • I used to play this game but im working now in bubai. but still i want to play this game. Im looking here in dubai where can i play sepak takraw