Solar-Powered Implant – Cure for Blindness?

An implant that squirts chemicals into the back of an eye is probably not what you would expect to help blind people. It is a solar-powered chip that stimulates retinal cells by spraying them with neurotransmitters. This could restore sight to blind people. Unlike other implants under development that apply an electric charge directly to retinal cells, the device does not cause the cells to heat up. It also uses very little power, so it does not need external batteries. Via Gizmodo

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  • Wow when did “they” come out with this and why wasn’t it mentioned on tv and the radio? Anyway when will it be release to the public and more importantly, will they round up all the blind people in the country and give it to them. I believe that because the disease is very serious, it should be free!!! Also what about those with Glaucoma, will they be able to receive help as well, I ask because I have this disease and I don’t want to go blind. Last thing, if it cost money, how much will it cost and how will homeless blind people be able to get it? They shouldn’t suffer!