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  • fudged71 from DIGG

    BRILLIANT… reminds me of “real life mario”

  • pixel

    As noted on their site:

    67 figurants (67 humans)
    4 heures de prise de vues (4 hours of shooting)
    390 images (390 images)
    = 3 minutes de vidéo (= 3 minutes of video)

  • Look ma, we’re students !


  • All I can think of is “lol”

  • Brilliant!!

  • If the guy who made this is actually a geek I’m sure he had every shot drawed in a spreadsheet or something like that XD

  • That is brilliant. Those are some dedicated people ^_^;;

  • Jason

    That guy is a cheater! In Space Invaders, you can only have one shot on the screen at any given time.

  • Kirri

    Jason – who gives a crap? It’s very clever.

  • brandon

    also did a real life pong, same guy

  • Scott

    Haha Jason…I was thinking the exact same thing!

  • asdf


  • Prince Rainier

    Er, I hate to rain on the parade or anything, but this never happened… Take a picture of each person sitting. Once you have 10 – 15 different shots, arrange them in various groups, sizes and colours.
    Take a look at a still shot of someone as they sit on the left of the screen -now compare it with the same person as they move to the right… same shot each time.
    It’s a nice idea though. 🙂

  • stefan

    @Prince Rainier: Sure, they made a 3d model of each person in order to render them at the correct viewing angles (notice how the angle changes when they move around)…

  • poolman09

    and also Rainer they had 67 people to do 10-15 shots??? I don’t think so…. that’s a lot of extras u’d u ask me…

  • oileie


  • desi

    ok it is brilliant but it is also hilarious ..i coudlnt stop laughing…


  • Wow, very cool. I am not sure I could ever spend the time to create something that awesomely pointless.

  • Sam

    Brilliant *-*

  • ^_^

    COOL!!!!! I love atari!

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