Space Invaders with Real Humans

I gotta say that who ever made this Atari Space Invader game with humans is a little sadistic. Imagine all those poor humans having to sit there for hours until some geek tries to figure out how he will play Space Invaders with them. Sadistic freak, they are just humans ! VIDEO->

Space Invaders with Real Humans was made by the genius named Guillaum Reymond. Official Website.

In case you wonder, it took them 4 hours, 67 people and 390 photos for 3 minutes of animation.

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  • fudged71 from DIGG

    BRILLIANT… reminds me of “real life mario”

  • pixel

    As noted on their site:

    67 figurants (67 humans)
    4 heures de prise de vues (4 hours of shooting)
    390 images (390 images)
    = 3 minutes de vidéo (= 3 minutes of video)

  • Look ma, we’re students !


  • All I can think of is “lol”

  • Brilliant!!

  • If the guy who made this is actually a geek I’m sure he had every shot drawed in a spreadsheet or something like that XD

  • That is brilliant. Those are some dedicated people ^_^;;

  • Jason

    That guy is a cheater! In Space Invaders, you can only have one shot on the screen at any given time.

  • Kirri

    Jason – who gives a crap? It’s very clever.

  • brandon

    also did a real life pong, same guy

  • Scott

    Haha Jason…I was thinking the exact same thing!

  • asdf


  • Prince Rainier

    Er, I hate to rain on the parade or anything, but this never happened… Take a picture of each person sitting. Once you have 10 – 15 different shots, arrange them in various groups, sizes and colours.
    Take a look at a still shot of someone as they sit on the left of the screen -now compare it with the same person as they move to the right… same shot each time.
    It’s a nice idea though. 🙂

  • stefan

    @Prince Rainier: Sure, they made a 3d model of each person in order to render them at the correct viewing angles (notice how the angle changes when they move around)…

  • poolman09

    and also Rainer they had 67 people to do 10-15 shots??? I don’t think so…. that’s a lot of extras u’d u ask me…

  • oileie


  • desi

    ok it is brilliant but it is also hilarious ..i coudlnt stop laughing…


  • Wow, very cool. I am not sure I could ever spend the time to create something that awesomely pointless.

  • Sam

    Brilliant *-*

  • ^_^

    COOL!!!!! I love atari!