The Air Car

The Air Car is made by the French and it works great! It uses compressed air to power its engine which obviously has zero pollution. It comes in two versions hybrid and 100% air. Its not very fast for now but its very promesing. Why Not? VIDEO->

Official Website


Also on -> AIR ENGINES

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  • Super cool 😀

  • Demokraats

    This looks promissing! Only the design of the car could be a bit more stylish – it looks a bit like in a sci fi movie – not the best design nowadays, i think.

  • legend85

    on just air thats sweet wish it was faster

  • Bachame

    I know you’ll save a bunch on gas and the environment, but how much does the car cost? I mean, they must have put a crap-load of design and research into this and I don’t think they will sell a lot due to so many government official’s dependency on the support of current automobile industries and gas companies.