The Blind Boy That Can See

Ben Underwood is a 14 year old boy who lost his eyes at the age of 2 because of cancer. He uses sound to do pretty much anything a normal person would do. VIDEO->

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  • legend85

    wow that shows what humans are capable of….its like he can really see the shape of the object…..

  • Kal

    Respect. I didn’t know humans had this much potential.

  • Bugless

    This is such an inspiring movie, It shows what you can achieve as long as you just truthfully try

  • Jude

    Truthfully try is one major part of the equation. The other is not have preconceived notions of what is or is not possible. If you were not born blind, I think you would never achieve this level of proficiency no matter how hard you tried.

  • martin

    kinda like daredevil


    oh my god! this boy is amazing! he is so clever , just thought i would throw that in there! xx

  • MilkAct1934

    Someone should throw a brick at him to see how clever he really is

  • David Kruse

    So the kid is practically Matt Murdock/Daredevil, very interesting. I’m glad he’s able to live his life as a “normal” kid, and not have his family or friends treat him any differently. I have Aspergers, which is a mild form of Autism, so I know what its like to live with special needs. It can be a great thing, because it allows to view things in a unique way, and it can be a bad thing, because it can get in the way of living the way a “normal” person does, as well as being attacked or labeled by people who don’t understand you. The best thing that you can do if you’re a person with special needs is to learn to use it to your advantage, and not let it affect you. I’m also glad his mother is not overprotective of her son and not limiting his potential. There are parents who are the opposite, believe me, I’ve met one of them, and I, in a way, feel sorry for her son being smothered by her.
    One question I have is, whatever happened to his face after his eyes were removed? Did they sew his eyelids shut, or did they give him false eyes? I’m curious to find out.

    • I’m glad you shared your story with us David. This kid really is inspirational. As for his eyelids, I would be surprised that they sew them, it would probably cause infection if it were closed off. I believe they just leave them as it is.