The Carver – Motorcycle or Car?

I had fun watching these guys ride this thing so imagine how fun it must be to actually try it. Its one of those things you start drooling and say to your self ”I want one” even before you heard the price. It took them 11 years of design by the dutch and you get this insane car/motorcycle. Reaching a top speed of 185 km/h while its average fuel consumption remains at a very modest 6 L/100 km. I could not decided where to put this post, Cars or Gadgets, so I went with both. After all, thats exactly what it is, a perfect mix between a gadget and a car. I know you want one too! VIDEO->

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  • kate

    I think I recall seeing one of these in the movie “Demolition Man”. Though I’ve seen it in a number of places more recently.

  • I want one of those!!!!! That is one sweet machine, best of both worlds it would seem

  • josh

    I want one!!!!!!!!

  • Werty6

    Looks like a triciycle/car, not a bicycle/car.

  • I think with a few body modifications and maybe some more fuel officiency it could become somewhat sellable in the U.S. market. I’d make the top priority safety though.

  • Brian Muniz

    How much is it?

  • Rutger

    It’s crazy sexy Dutch! love it, innovative future thing!

  • Mike D Montecalvo

    great scott

  • Mike Hunt

    i love it, i want one so bad. i m gonna start saving up rite now to get one when they come out in the US market. although i dunno if it is a manual or an automatic, hopefully they modify it so it is automatic for the North American market cuz i know most ppl here dont know how to drive a stick, i dont either. but id be willing to learn for the Carver which kicks some serious ass.

  • Unfortunately for those of us interested in this machine Caver declared bankruptcy in July 2009. They have retained rights to this technology under DVC. Hopefully someone with possibly more capital can put some of them out after buying a license. Venture One of California claims they are developing a hybrid vehicle using their technology but they keep pushing back their rollout date so some people are calling their project vaporware. I would love to have one of these for commuting. I would think if someone could put one out with 60+mpg it would sell. You could even make limited trips for groceries and such as there is a decent size back seat.