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  • Leg3nd

    That is the best thing ever!

  • I guess so,
    Someone just asked me “how does this work”?
    I couldn’t explain it, its so obvious!

  • It’s rather useful. If for whatever reason you can’t sit or there’s no toilet available, you can just stand and find a space.

    It’s not being able to pee like a man that’s so important, it’s being able to pee where men do, so to speak.

  • I’ve used a similar product when bundled up in an ankle to neck snow suit in cold, cold, weather. Usually I had to unzip, shrug my shoulders out, lower everything below my butt… you get the idea. I don’t care in the least about “peeing like a guy” but I DO care about having a way to pee without getting half undressed in the cold. Also, in an emergency, off the side of a boat without hanging my bare butt over the edge or to pee off the side of the road in the bushes without mooning everyone. It’s a great product for those emergency situation.

  • Ishan

    When da females urinated standing.

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