The Pocket Shot is the Slingshot You Need for Survival

The Pocket Shot is not quite an ordinary slingshot. It’s not only super-compact, but also super-fast.


The Pocket Slingshot measures just 2.3 inches by 1.3 inches when closed, and 5 inches x 1.3 inches in fire mode. It collapses inside the rigid ring, which is only a little over an inch tall and with the diameter of an aluminum can.

The Pocket Shot is able to shoot steel slugs, marbles, small paintballs and even arrows – and it does that up to 3-times the rate of a traditional slingshot. When ammo is loaded into the latex cone, it automatically rolls to the center of the pouch, ready to be fired.

You can get one here for $25.




“Small enough to stow in a bugout bag or slip in a pocket, this compact slingshot doesn’t compromise when it comes to performance. The ultra-effective Pocket Shot can double the rate of fire and double the projectile’s velocity compared to a conventional y-frame slingshot. For hunters and recreational users alike, the Pocket Shot delivers an impressive payload in a tiny package,” says Vat19.



Via TechEBlog 

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