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  • Alek

    So what do you want them to do about it?
    These guys have worked hard their entire life and created workplaces for millions of people!

    Should they have been sitting on the couch watching TV instead, just like you? In that case, there would’ve been even more “poor” people, as millions more would be without jobs. In addition, most millionaires give more than you will ever earn to charities, but you don’t seem to mention that.

    Or should they have done what they did, but then just give away all their hard earned money? That doesn’t seem fair. Just because they managed their time well and worked hard, it’s their responsibility to help out less fortunate? It’s not their responsibility more than it’s yours, so I suggest you start with yourself! Give away everything you have worked for (including your tv and car), and then you can write another article.

    • These guys have worked hard in their life indeed. But would they have been able to work if they were the only individual on the planet? How much money could they have earned if they were alone? What I am trying to get at is that you are rich because someone is poor and you are poor because someone is rich.

      So unless you are willing to look at our world as one entity and an enclosed system where everyone relies and depends on everyone else. We are going to have disparity, inequality, hunger and wars forever.

      Realizing that the whole planet is like a beehive is the first step.

      So you asked me; what do I want them to do?

      I want them to evolve and see things for what they are, be considerate and make a much greater effort in returning the favor instead of being inconsiderate and take more for themselves than what they need.

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