The Truth About Our Reality – Zeitgeist – Documentary

Iv seen many documentaries and many of them changed my opinion about the world. The following documentary is one that made me think alot, opened my eyes on few things in our system and I wonder now if it will affect me in the future. The first part talks about the image of god, how it has been created from previous texts, copied from other older gods in history and how each one has the same characteristics due to the fact that gods were created by us. Therefore certain people might take this documentary to be very offending. The documentary is obviously made by atheists and you can conclude two different things about their statements in part 1 about the fact that god’s image is copied. The first thing is that since there is only one god, it is logical to think that all gods have the same attributes and the second thing to conclude would be that the story of god is all made up. I warn you, if your life depends on the belief that god is everything and that the meaning of your life is only because god exists, please do not watch this documentary. As I am affraid that many of you might get hurt from your own conclusions. However, it is still a very educational documentary since there are countless interesting and important facts. I wish that whoever sees this documentary spreads it to everyone they know. This video is an eye opener and need to be taken seriously for the masses to be informed of the truth and reality we live in. You will probably wonder after this documentary if I am an atheist, I am not an atheist. I am like many of us who believe that there is something that is beyond us that I can call my own god but the way it is presented by our history is not even near my image of it. VIDEO->

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  • Thank you for posting this, it IS an eye opener; I knew about religion and our government, but not about the federal reserve and the banks.

    It just saddens me that our country is full of zombies to the media, and cant think for themselves.

    I think theres one man in our government who might not be corrupt, and that is ron paul. He wants to do away with federal income tax and the irs. I was a supporter of him already because he wants to give power back to the states, and end a lot of federalization.

  • Eduardo

    I just can’t get up from my chair.
    Me has dejado clavado a la silla.
    Good material. I just want everybody to see it, just to think about it. And I feel sorry for my 1 year old daugther! Sad but it’s what it is.
    Peace / Paz

  • Leg3nd

    It’s far to late for us to do anything about it…Ignorance has taken hold here in the states and It has everything to do with the crap put out by the media and religion.

  • 88Deville

    I find it real funny how a “documentary” film is labeled as such. I got to the first part on the “other” gods that Jesus was so-called based on, and started doing a little research on the “facts” of these gods. For instance, Horus, Attis, & Dionsys all were listed with Dec. 25th b-days. Nowhere, and I mean nowhere was I able to find a birth date for any of these gods. Not to mention that Egyptians and Greeks didn’t use the Julian calendar that we used into the 20th century that Jesus was born into. Also the part on Horus was crucified is a joke. Crucifixion didn’t even start until 6th century BCE, about um 2400 yrs after the time of Horus. I could go on and on but if you can’t even tell truth in the first 15 mins. then why give them credit of watching more.

  • 88Deville

    Thats good to know…
    Its always safe not to believe everything seen in online videos…

  • Eduardo,

    Why you feel sorry for your 1yr daughter?

    If it is because of god and how they talk about it in this documentary, if anything it can reaffirm its existance just by the simple fact that there is only one god and all our representations of him through history and diff civilisations are with the same characteristics. Thats rather positive for someone who believes in god.

    You can look at it that way if it is too depressing…

  • Eduardo

    It isn’t because of the first part. My religious beleives are the same. It’s because how the goverments and the mass media, manipulate the truth.
    Of course that not everything in the video is true, at least I don’t belive so, but there is a good portion of that!
    I hope, that in this glovalization time, where the information that we can know and manipulate through the net is kind impressive, the people could be more interest in the real important stuff hapening around the globe.
    My best wish to everyone!

  • Leg3nd

    Faith = Willful ignorance….It’s all sun worship if you ask me…… People seem to need something to make us feel there’s a purpose to life and there’s life after we die..I don’t believe in “god” I think the belief hurts critical thinking and slows progression. People tend to explain the unexplained with “god” without even thinking about it.

  • arivbs

    The religion thing was pretty good, they did a good job with it. But it kind of goes crazy conclusions with the 9/11 thing, and it’s got absolutely no idea what its talking about when it comes down to econ. They don’t loan out money at a debt. The FED simply keeps money from inflating and the economy flat, mainly the interest rate. Which means, because they force banks to keep with them about 10% of their assets, that is the money they actually have, the fed can take their extra money and loan it out to a bank thats needs it, it makes no money itself. The FED is just a bank for banks, and like I mean the quote they use from Wilson is about anti trusts, not banks. It was before income taxes and that meant the government had no money. And like why didn’t they explain how they knew about the secret island contract, and JP Morgans plan to cause the crisis of 07, that really bugged me.
    And I’m sorry but anything that calls Lou Dobbs balls big can’t be awesome anymore.The Amero, what the f, the amero, he supplies no evidence and makes an absolutely absurd claim.

  • ThomasPaine

    Many of you speak of false claims and ludicrous theories, but how many of you have checked out the sources?

  • Why should I even bother watching this when the first SAMPLE you posted is chalk-filled with errors? There was no “virgin conception of Horus” unless you define “virgin conception” as fucking a corpse. Yeah, way to ruin the documentary you were advertising even before anyone had to watch it.

  • Oh come now, I expected something a bit better from someone defending a documentary than outright deleting my post.

  • All these claims are false. A little research on the net and you can find scholarly research denying all of these things.

    Also, you should read “The case for the real Christ” it goes over some of these fictions regarding Jesus.

  • gwsbaxter

    Please don’t believe any of this. I’ve seen this documentary and they take things that on the surface seem similar but when looked at closely you realize there is hardly any similarity at all. The filmmakers fail to mention the differences. This is not surprising at all. This claim that they make is well, nothing new under the sun. Been around for a long time and has been dismissed by the majority of major scholars. The one thing people have to realize is that there is a consensus among modern scholars (nearly universal, is that there were no dying and rising gods that preceded Christianity. They all predated the first century BC (see The Riddle of the Resurrection by T.N.D. Mettinger). They are far different from the reports of Jesus. Stories about Horus, for example, occured in the unspecified past are are usually related to the seasonal life and death cycle of vegetation. In contrast Jesus birth, death AND resurrection isn’t repeated as it almost always is in myths and legends and isn’t related to the changing of the seasons. Jesus’ birth, death and resurrection was sincerely believed to be an actual event by those who lived in the same generation as the historical Jesus. There is no evidence that the death of the dying and rising gods (as Horus for example)as vicarious suffering for sins.

    There is no evidence that the birth, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ is a mythological construct, drawing on the myths and rites of the dying and rising gods of the surrounding world.

    The birth, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ retains it’s unique character in the history of religions.

    I challenge you to not believe everything thing read or hear, but study and search for that what is true.

  • DB

    Only if you believe everything you see. Especially regarding the image used for the clip, many would see this and start accept it as fact. Consider this.

    Frazer [Fraz.AAO, 8] has Horus born in the swamps, and knows nothing about a star or Wise Men, of any number.

    Horus was NOT born of a virgin at all. Indeed, one ancient Egyptian relief depicts this conception by showing his mother Isis in a falcon form, hovering over an erect phallus of a dead and prone Osiris in the Underworld (EOR, s.v. “Phallus”)

    And the Dec 25 issue is of no relevance to Christians -nowhere does the NT associate this date with Jesus’ birth at all. The one reference found to a birth of Horus has him born on the 31st day of the Egyptian month of Khoiak!

    Get the facts!

  • amzingrandijr

    LOL …amazing what some people will fall for. actually it is rather sad.

  • There are the same parallels in the Bible with Moses, Joseph and others. Instead of disproving Jesus, they foreshadow His coming.

    This could also be what ancient mythology does– foreshadow Jesus with stories not written in the Bible. Point being, if they all have similarities, there could be some truth to it. One could be right or the pattern itself is true in some form. Very interesting to draw all the parallels together, but it doesn’t do anything to my own faith in God.

    Check the sources. Not everything is fact. Many of the so-called parallels were made up simply to make the story more compelling.

    I think Atheists are some of the last people to be persecuted so harshly. Most Christians get so insecure around them, and the idea of no God. Only death can prove either, right? Let people just believe something.

  • At first when i heard this information it took me for a loop; but then I’ve noticed several holes:

    #1. Jesus was never born on 12/25. So this does not apply.. the date was chosen many years later due to political issues

    #2. The Bible never mentions 3 kings., that’s another embellishment taken from ignorance and oversight.

    #3. There is support that Jesus really did live, but the stories of these other dieties are unfounded, w/o any evidence.

    I believe that we are in the last days and the enemy is doing everything possible to discredit the existence and the truth about Jesus as Saviour. How do we know that the writers of these other “dieties” ar writing based on supported factual documentation.

  • Daney7g

    Ill skip over all of the factual stuff and come straight to the point on my mind. Im cant say for sure whats true or not true in this documentary although there were several points of interest me personally about the religious, governmental and new world order/secret society of bankers type arguments one thing is bitting at me and thats, that i think that people are capable of the darkest and most evil of acts and that i would not put it past people who lust so desperately after power and control to orchestrate such greedy and subversive agenda and i don’t doubt for a minute that there are people controlling our lives at present that are without a doubt morally corrupt and not working for our best interests but for there own. So i must conclude that all though some of the facts may be twisted to suit the presentation it is wise to keep your eyes and mind open lest you give all your choices and beliefs to others to make for you don’t wait until its to late and the concept of human rights and dignity have dissolved into total corporate control. You have been warned.


    TO 88DEVIL CRUCIFIXION WAS BEING USED BEFORE THE 6BCE ODIN the norse god decided he wanted to see what it would be like
    to die on a cross and be stabbed in the side by a spear
    ODIN PRE dates Horus!
    I Agree they werent using julian calendar! but it doesnt matter what calendar you use the winter solstice always happens on the same day!
    TO cdelascasas
    Isis did not fuk a corpse thoth gave her the penise and that seth cut of of osiris! it was blessed and she became pregnant! no fukin! virgin birth
    TO gwsbaxter
    IM sure that the people of ancient egypt thought that birth death and resurection of the sun god was real to them as to the followers of christ! my only grief with your arguement is there is no more proof of jesus was real than there is of Horus!
    ONE last point to all Christians do you realise there were jews/christians in india before europe! the vatican wasnt the main force it made out it just killed the competition ( inquisitions )! and also if you are all good followers of CHRIST why do christians not follow jesus example jesus was a jew! so why do you not go to a synagogue why do you eat pork! yet the pope wheres jewish ceremonial clothing but follows none of the jewish practices WAS JESUS AND HIS DISCIPLES NOT JEWS! THERE ARE MESSIANIC (belivers in jesus but jews) JEWISH TEMPLES in the orthodox quarter of Bethlehem PRE DATING CHRISTIANS CHURCHES THAT DOCUMENT jesus as man who was not divine with no miracles in the oldest bible document jesus!
    AND FINALY why do christian churches have pagan symbols on them because well documented thay where put there because most are built on pagan sites! adorned with pagan symbols so that pagans could understand the jesus STORY was not that dissimilar to there own!

  • alright to breakdown a little science behind this film. 4 some this will be hard to cope with.Is that life was not intended to be controlled be any one other than thy self. we all have brains and some short of knowled ge to depict what we feel is right and wrong and if you can’t see that this film is telling you that from the beginning some others are and were smarter than other’s using trick o nomertry installing fear and using physcology to gain the trust of the masses.If the creator wanted a perfect world he would of gave us one and never applied the people with some kind of self will and knowledge. so when u look at religion it divids the people of earth to fight among each other. 4 so if religion is the good why did the catholic chruch kill so much people who didn’t want to convert to the chruch holyness. so in the bible it said thou shall not kill.Well shit the church been doing it for the longest the priest are raptiest. the chruch steals the offering money . i mean if u never question what u read in the good book written also by a man. so before u post and judge. research and find the knowledge u feel what is write and wrong common sense goes farther than math and science class. P.S don’t use the internet 4 sources to reference cause nothing in this country is real

  • To FCKUK-the bible can be true because the big bang could be the light that god created when he said “let there be light” and the garden of eden has been found with small proof to back it up, and if writers were telling the truth about those than they must have known how the universe began which they showed as being created by god.

  • BedShaker

    To FCKUK, Danny7g and Ceazen,

    Very well said.. People lack analogy and open-mindedness.. They always believe what they’ve been told to. I’ve been researching this for more than 10 years.. And there is really something on to it. A big LIE that’s been around for centuries. A small shadow group of people controlling the Economy and Population. Information can be found in the internet, TV and library. But People need to check for themselves. LIES are everywhere. And the People should know how to separate LIES from the TRUTH.

    And what IF you found the TRUTH, what are you gonna do about it? What if you found out that the Government has been lying to you for at least 50 years? What if you found out that Religion was fabricated and that its purpose is basic MIND CONTROL?

  • tom

    I was raised in a religious family and I’ve been going to church for more than 15 years up until 3 years ago. I don’t consider myself Christian or religious for that matter but I’ve always believe that (or wanted to) there is a higher power who gives life so that we have a purpose in our lives. After watching this film, although I have not formed a conclusion yet, evokes a lot feelings.

    For one I always thought that bible should not be literally translated. God said let there be light and there was light. Did it really happen like that? I always thought that bible was more poetic and analogic instead of being direct.

    Also, who wrote the bible? I mean yeah new testament was written by 12 disciples and Paul and others but who took those texts and turned it into a book? And I know for a fact that there are other books that was not included in the bible. My question is who took all these ancient writings and turned it into a book and what authority do they have so they can decide which books or stories can be in bible and which should be omitted? The government? God?

    While I’m at it let me ask a question to Christians out there.

    Are our lives predestinede? If so all of our choices in life are known by the all-knowing God right? It’s not like God has to wait for us to make a decision and reacts on based on that. Right?

    Then we say that we live on this world to be tested so that only the few selected who chose god/Jesus/salvation/eternal life can enter heaven and join god while the others are damned to hell in eternal fire.

    If so, the all knowing god PREDESTINED outlives to be either righteous and sinful. Meaning he already knows either I’m going to be good or bad in this world. Which also means god already knows that I will enter either heaven or earth. Then what is the pointed of being tested when the results are predestined already. Unless we can change our lives through choice which means our life can not be predestined and god is actually not all knowing.

    I understand that religion is based on faith and religion can not be logically analyzed but how can I believe in something that will control my life with doubts in my heart. And if you believe in an entity with a doubt can you still call that a faith?

    Sorry for going off topic, going back to zeitgeist, regardless of what the first part said, points made about 9/11 is undeniable. How could 7 of 19 suicide hijacker terrorist survive that crash unless they weren’t even on there and why would government seize all security tapes around WTC and not release it and HOW did WTC 7 go down simultaneously with the other building.

  • What’s next? The Titanic was an inside job, too? I want my 1:56:23 back, kthxbai.

  • Trikke

    dude the link is dead

  • Bill

    I’ve watched Zeitgeist. It’s long and it’s wrong. It confuses the sound of son and sun … neglecting to mention that these two words sound nothing alike in the ancient languages. From that error, the whole thing crumbles.

    • Lloyd

      What else is wrong with it?

      • Whatever thing that is wrong with it, I will always prefer the things that are right with it. And there are plenty of more right things with it than wrong. Mr. Bill who says that he found a flaw of the sound of son and sun hasn’t obviously seen the whole documentary.

        • pi2r2

          What? There are more errors?

  • Riddik

    There is a book that it is not wrote by a religious person, “Perennial Philosophi” explaining that all the religions talk about the same thing in diferent manners. Besides of it the comparative study of the religions came to the same conclusion. People hunger by power will always say that their religion is unique. But religion is something that belongs to the very essence humanity .This so called “documentary” took this point and distorted to fit with this intentions. Sophisms or false arguments to induce somebody else to an error.

  • Greg Newell

    If I was God of all, I would certainly align the heavens with my son’s birth. That is why the Word says, thy will be done on earth add it is in heaven. Satan set those storys in motion to draw those who hasn’t been called. That’s why you see so many storys around the world. Fallen angels…

  • pi2r2

    With that introduction, the video must be supremely stupid.