Titan The Robot

This seems like a real robot at first glance but once you see how smooth his movements are you can easly realize that its just a man in a robo suit. The effect is pretty cool and Im sure its worth it for him considering that he got invited to the Dubai World Trade Center. VIDEO->

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  • Zork

    yah i dont think thats a person yah maybe some1’s controling him but thats a big peace of metal ,looks heavy

    and if there where some1 inside it probably would be unmovable

  • kazurian

    This is a man in a suit Zork. As the article reads the movements are to smooth. Also if it wasnt a man in a suit, do you realise how famous this robot would be? It would be more famous than asimo, but it is not. Too have a robot function totally by itself(with a remote control kind of thing) it is a big task and a big deal, companies would be wanting to be buying it etc. The amount of people, especially people who are a little dense i have come across who think this robot is totally robotics, they really need to go to school.

  • i am rather interested to know how much it cost who made him &where, also how long it took to build titan, any of this info available please.?

  • chicken

    i just wanted to now how much he was please come on and reply how much he is please

  • TITAN’S Mrs

    Titan is a MAN IN A ROBITIC SUIT. Only the top half is robotic. I phoned Mark Foggert at Cyberstien and he said if they were to sell one he would want 1 million quid. I was shocked as asimo is only 600 thousand aans he is a REAL ROBOT. I am thinking be carful as the person mentioned is a buit of a rude person and probably looking to rip you off. TITAN IS NOWARE NEAR WORTH 1 MILLION. Not on my watch

  • kezz

    how much did he cost to build anyoneeeeee?

  • Anonymous


  • darth vader

    ofcoures evryboddy wants it to be a robot, but i honestly dont know, becouse sometimes the robot also bounce against people or walls.

  • hodged02

    seen titan up close, an it was NOT a suit, there are 5 versions, some that were suits but the mark5 is not, read about it here http://www.cyberstein.co.uk/
    under titans history and click more.

  • Anonymous

    fuck up

  • Anonymous

    Its a man in a suit ive seen it, he looks out the window on its chest its a one way mirror

  • Anonymous

    look at the prototype theres no man

  • you morons of course this isnt a man in a suit… if you look at the prototype it is unmanned… and no giving the excuse of well the prototype was slower and not that smooth well yea its a prototype..
    also seriously there is much less obvious one way mirrors.. it could easily be a solar pannel of some sort or purely for show and if it was manned it wouldnt need to be charged constantly … also ive been to see it at a show it takes a good 30mins to programme on the scene if it was a man it would be instant kick off because they wouldnt want to purposely make people wait.
    also how hard do you think it is too make a motorised robot with motion sensors to stop it from charging the crowd…. go see it before you give your retarded comment not just youtube it

    • Scott

      You are the Moron….. They “program” the suite for 30 mins as a part of the show to help the believability. The most advanced robot in the world is from Honda and it is no were near able to move as such. I can’t believe how stupid people are. A magician…. AKA a performer says the only thing you need to preform is to be the smartest person in the room and you my friend are NOT it! FAG!

  • Josh

    It is A man in a suit only the top half is robotic have a look on youtube titan the robot reveled

  • Lilome

    Just to let you know.

    The difference between this and Honda’s Asimo is night & day.

    See 4 yourself…..
    ( http://asimo.honda.com )

    ***NOTE*** Check out INIVATIONS way cool

    ( http://www.cyberstein.co.uk/ )

    • admin

      Thanks Lilome, thats some interesting links.

  • Fundahl

    “seen titan up close, an it was NOT a suit, there are 5 versions, some that were suits but the mark5 is not, read about it here http://www.cyberstein.co.uk/
    under titans history and click more.”

    You sure? On the website it says MK5 is a SUIT with sensors that allow the person inside to control it……