Tubshroom Bath Tub Hair Catcher

Unlike other hair catching devices that catch the hairs above the tub drain for everyone to see as they step into the bathtub, the Tub Shroom will hide the hairs below the drain line so you don’t have to look at them until you’re ready to empty the hair catcher.


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  • sly

    Good find! I was curious about these games… now I know… I don’t think I’ll be buying them….

    I think it’s especially funny that seeing the king makes people lose their appetite…

  • lol. thats tru. I think it might be subliminal messaging too. You hide in a trashcan in an allyway to wait for a girl. HELLO?!?!? Rape town should be the name of that. jeez. well, good vid, it enlightened me on Burger Kings sad excuse for “holiday ploys”