Two Spinning Copper Tubes To Obtain Levitation

This man did not come up with something to impress scientists but it can impress me and you. When rotating two copper tubes levitation can be obtained with a magnet. To understand more about this effect visit its official page. VIDEO->

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  • coolness!!!!!!!

  • Me

    Hmmmmm….. now just put rotating copper tubes along the highways, and add a super magnet to the bottom of each car. No more gas! But probably very expensive, and not too practical. 😛

  • ya i thought of that, its a pretty neat idea…
    i just dont know how much energy it would take to spin those tubes…in an efficient way…
    i think it would work best for trains…
    don’t forget that once it is levitating there is no friction, except air, which is almost no friction at all
    trains could travel with alot less energy…

  • Me

    Maybe, the tubes won’t be one long tube, they’ll be split into sections and with triggers telling the systems when to turn on and off to save energy. There would have to be a fan or something at the end of the train to propell the train forward. We should think this through thoroughly 😛 We’ll split the profit 50/50 😛

  • lol
    i like, i like 🙂

  • Since copper is a softer metal, it offers advantages over other metallic pipes. Copper
    pipe comes as tempered lengths that are hard, and annealed, or
    malleable coils. You have a choice as to the thickness of the tube.