Two Story Video Game

Forget about your dull one-stationary-chair-games that you played during your whole life, it is now very primitive to be seated in a normal chair and play video games. Get your self one of these! Once again I am completly clueless on who, where, how, when about this video. I never tried anything like this and looking at it is already makeing me feel dizzy. Is this common in amusment parks? If anyone has any information on how this video got to life and where I would appriciate a comment. VIDEO->

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  • Josh

    I’ve played this game at gameworks in columbus. I don’t know much else about it but I do know that it is a lot of fun. I can tell you about how the game is played if you want.

  • Jasan

    I dont know if this is where this video was taken but there is a game exactly the same at a place called gameworks and its in schaumburg illinois which is about 30-40 min outside of chicago. each person has a balloon with a spike on the bottom of it and you use a joystick to move. when you pull back you go up and when you push forward you go down. you go up and try and move your ballon left or right over an opponents ballon and then you try and come down ontop of them and pop them. when you do that you get points and its time based. here is a link to the gameworks website

  • Thats good to know guys! THANKS ALOT !:)

  • Matt

    For me it was Gameworks Auborn Hills, MI (Great Lakes Crossing Mall)

  • Almondo

    and the word NEW goes right out the window