Video Game Addiction – Documentary

This interesting documentary talks about video games and addiction. It seems a little exagerated but very touching at the same time. Statments such as “Kids’ reactions change when they are “on a game” and ” off a game,” video games are more damaging than regular chemical addictions and video games are keeping kids out of school.” is a good reason not to take this documentary seriously and only believe what you can confirm. VIDEOS->




This is another video about gaming addiction and its about the game World of Warcraft.

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  • X

    wow i had to stop watching after the lady said that video games will not help you in real life… I would like to point out the fact that they are not supposed to… they are ment to entertain us. Also to say that they will not help with our day to day life i would say is a joke. I know that they can help me to release and relax when I have had a hard day at work. I would however have to say that there are people who are and may become addicted but that is due to some other force that drives them to escape from the real world. I have more but that is all that I will say for now.

  • mike

    Those children aren’t addicted to video games, the parents just need to learn how to enforce rules and discipline children…it’s not like the kids shake when they don’t get their “fix”. Video games are fun, EVERYone is addicted to fun.

  • mike

    oops 😛

  • Kal

    Parental education, stop whining and blaming video games, parents have SOME responsibilities.

  • bachame

    Wow, what a joke. I’ll agree with the people above me that parents need to take responsibility and get those kids into other activities (Sparky sounds like a pretty good sports name to me.) I’m just sick of video games taking the fall for all the parents’ and adults’ failings in raising kids.

  • poo

    ooooooooo i love mario