Walking on a Liquid – Water + Cornstarch

Remember “Amazing Liquid Cornstarch“? This time we have a living proof that walking on water could actually be done, with some modification which you could consider as cheating. They really are walking on a liquid! VIDEO->

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  • Technically glass is a liquid too, so not that astonishing….

  • Ricardo

    Can someone tell me how can i do this cornstarch thing at home, what ingredients and what can i do with it.

  • well, glass was a liquid before it solidified. {into a solid} and i think the real trick is to run lightly with most of your weight in the upper half of your body , and thats why they run with their knees really high. It could also work because of the extreme surface tension of the corstarch/water mix. Like running on Jello {if you will} really fast with a high center of gravity.

  • Xpider

    no…glass is a slow moving liquid, it technically never fully solidifies, go look at a hundred year old house, the glass on the windows will have bubbled, or rounded out on the bottom of the window because it is still in a liquid state