Water Bottle Jet Pack

I have no idea if this thing is fake or not but it does sound kind of possible to do. I will never say that Japanese are crazy but I will say that they are waaay over creative !

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  • alwaysamused

    Fake or not, this is insane old. I saw this probably 2 or more years ago.

    Always a funny watch though.

  • Michael

    The Discovery Channel Myth Busters broke this declaring it fake.

  • monte

    it is fake because if it were scientificly done it would use a real rescue throw, not a lounging tube.

  • Grimm

    Its fake casue they’d use a real rescue throw. lol no wait haha lol. The rescue throw asw you call it has nothing to do with the jet pack wether fake or not. They doing this in japan for fun and did not necessarily use any real rescue personel aand instead had there freind buy them the floataion device. That makes sense to me haha

  • Grimm

    Bad spelling i know.

  • Grant the Engineer

    As much as I love that show, the Mythbusters screwed it up. They focused their air/water ratios and pressure on obtaining maximum thrust. Had they instead focused on less thrust over a greater period of time it would have worked better. Think about it, the jugs in the Mythbusters experiment emptied nearly instantaniously. The weight of a human isn’t going to accelerate very much in that short of a time.

  • Azrael Nightstar

    It’s pretty obviously fake, you can see his trajectory is all wrong. I think the Mythbusters did a pretty good job of showing it’s not gonna work. If they’d focused their effort differently it might have worked /better/, but would probably throw you off your feet at best.

  • Clearly fake. You can see during his flight how he’s spinning around in a way inconsistent with the thrust of the pack… he’s on a hoist and a wire, spinning wildly as they haul him out into the air over the sea.