Were the Pyramids Build in Water?

Here is an interesting theory; the pyramids were build by using water. Floating each cube of lime stone and using water to flatten the stone is an interesting theory. I don’t know if I buy into this theory but it is very plausible. Check out also “The Revelation of the Pyramids” documentary.

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  • jesse

    no… you seem to not have learned about the leveling issue. To build the extremely large pyramid, they had to have a very level base. So, on the very start of the project they used the simple engineering principle of water being flat at rest to set the level of the foundation. The levels above were also leveled similarly with a small trench, then the entire stone surface of that area was ground down until it matched the water level.

    • I realized after that the more correct title to this post would have been “build using water” and not “build in water”.

  • Ignorance Should Be Banned

    Cool, this is the best and most logical explanation of Egyptian pyramid building I’ve ever seen.