Wii's Red Steel Footage

The new Nintendo Wii is showing off its Red Steel game with some pretty amusing footage. I don’t know if this will convince me to buy a Wii but atleast Im going to try this game as soon as it comes out ! : ) VIDEO ->

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  • Kicked

    Omg. that’s the pretiest thing i ever saw.


    Need it.

    • jdwii

      ANNNNNNNNNNND after actually seeing the game how do you feel 10 years later? Yeah the game looks like crap compared to this talk about bull shots!

  • Bizak

    That dude can’t aim.

    For instance only thing that is good about it is the motion sensors in two controls but this could be simulated easily on any stationary pc… so I don’t see the whole point of even having joystick/game pad controls while you can have much better aim and control using keyboard and mouse… for instance, the idea of creating cheap low end “pc” that will be completely outdated by the time they release first sequel to flagship game, and then forcing people to pay incredible amount of money to buy content for the out dated game system, is like selling sand in desert…

    While pc gamers have an option of high quality content available for fraction of the cost and system witch capabilities are only limited by the imagination of its user…

  • I see…
    Wii ? If it stays at $250 as what they said it will be, Im getting one. And this game is probably going to be the second one after Fifa 🙂

  • bob

    Bizak, he’s not aiming using a joystick or D-pad, he’s aiming with a light gun accessory, which offers more control than a keyboard and mouse any day. I for one, think this game will be awesome.

  • grasstastic

    this game looks TOO insane, im obviously buying a WII

    • jdwii

      How do you feel that the Wii had graphics no where near this level?

  • Almondo

    Bizak you are great man. And from experience no a lightgun does not offer better control then the old M and K. Case and point: I have House of the Dead 3 at home, now with a normal lightgun I’m pretty much killing over in about two minutes to about 30 seconds lol…….put it in at home with my mouse and I’m plowing thru it in about as much time maybe losing one life point on occasion. But the price does sound good…..but I think people are still going to go for the X-Box or PS variety. And Bizak is right about the PC building in about a year PC will be waaay ahead in the graphics department seeing how Nvida and ATI are in stiff competition with each other.

  • Andu

    truthfully, that guy looked really un-comfy while playing that game