World’s first Robot Fish

After Aibo, Qrio and all the humanoid robots here comes the world’s first robot fish. It really looks like a fish from far but the most impressive part is it’s swimming ability. It can swim just as fast as thuna which is considered to be a speedy fish.

Via EssexRobotics

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  • Dan


  • Astra Goblin

    I love it! I’d love a wall-sized aquarium full of these to enjoy, while I recline on a lips-shaped sofa, dressed in silver, sipping a miniscule amount of vodka from an impossibley thin (but tall) glass. The room, by the way, is comfortably cool.

    Note the sequins on my jacket match the fish ‘scales’.


  • Afri

    Nice job!

  • Grimmy

    if I could only manufacture a race of these perfect robotic swimming fish-machines I could exact my revenge on those that once thwarted me. first of all upon my overly opinionated art director who is obsessed with scenes of extravagant and obscene sexual decadence. then with that fat jerk that hit me in the back of my oversized brain matter engorged head in 3rd period PE class.

  • Astra Goblin

    *gleeful stabbing!

  • That is AMAZING!
    I totally want one