"World's Fist Time Machine" – Documentary

In 2003 BBC made this interesting documentary about time travel. It talks about Dr Ronald Mallett a physicist on the brink of making time travel a reality. It answers questions such as “why we can never go back and see dinosaurs”. It also talks about the Grandfather paradox and ways around it such as alternate universes. VIDEO->
The full documentary is a broken link now so the following video is just a short clip from it.

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  • anonymous

    i hope it doesnt include a bar you put between you legs and sends volts of electricity through it

  • bachame

    Wow, that’s amazing. Someone needs to write a book or get this international attention oe something, and ANONYMOUS, I hate that movie.

  • metalclad

    Aww, that movie was illogical, but was great movie… lol

  • smilodon

    theres no movie ? what u guys talking about ?

  • chris

    this guy is coming to speak at my university, definitely going to see him and try to talk to him