World’s Smallest HHO Generator

For those of you that don’t know what an HHO generetor is, it is simply the newest way to save gas on your car by making it run on water. The way how it works is simple. Your engine uses gas to explode in chambers of the engine. That explosions makes the pistons move, which in turn rotate and move your car. Oil is combustible thats why it is used in a combustion engine. Hydrogen is also combustible, even more than oil. VIDEO-> Hydrogen is obtained from water. HHO Gas is in other words hydrogen. A hydrogen generetor is a coil of wires that are charged with electricty from your car’s battery. The coil is in water and that electricity in water breaks down the water molecule making hydrogen gas, HHO Gas. Once it is released it is then channeled through a tube to the air intake of your car and is then mixed with oil. Making a more efficient combustible and more explosive. Making your engine use less oil since it is helped by hydrogen.
It is as simple as that and this invention was around for years but oil companies never wanted us to use it. And this small version of the generator illustrates really well how it works. So simple! I have one installed on my car and it works just fine. You can get the instructions from Run Your Car On Water. Or you can also get the instructions on HHO Push. Check out also my previous post bout HHO Gas called “Water Fuel – HHO Gas“.

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  • alex

    Running your car on water is impossible. It is a lie and a scam.

  • alex, its not a scam
    you can really run your car on water…not literally since the water has to be transformed into hydrogen first…but it works and there are thousands of people to say it does

  • Verigo

    Please remember to use caution when producing HHO Gas. If confined in a small place such as a bottle with a sealed lid it will become explosive. 18 volts running for 5mins bottled will cause a decent pop. If the contents start turning “Brown” it will ignite. Use proper protection when experimenting. Yes haha I have learned this from personal expieriences.

  • gillyhead

    omg u r all idiots. first its NOT an HHO generator its an H generator using salt water [NaHHO] and electrolysis. HHO is water plain and simple not dangerous or explosive its the sodium [Na] that u have to watch out for as it explodes when comes into contact with water. fools

  • tekno

    gillyhead is stoopid. Hydrogen is combustible but not flamable, Oxygen is flamable but not combustible. a mixture of these two in gaseous form will run your car.

  • peter grote

    Here you see a 22Plate HHO Generator Kit .
    Made in South Africa.
    This Full 316L Stainless Steel Generator is Unique and indestructible. Volo Chip is included for Computer operated Vehicles.

  • peter grote

    A good Quality HHO System will save Fuel in your Petrol or Diesel Engine.