Air Engines

Not too long ago we saw the Air Car which looked pretty impressive. Its now time to have a closer look at the technology behind it and what it has to offer in more details. It talks about two inventors that are working on the same technology but each one has its own different design for the Air Engine. The second one is more interesting since it is a very small engine that has alot of power. VIDEO->

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  • It’ totally eco

    green engine

  • keep it up, it`s need of current world.

  • bob the mob

    Once again, how do you fill the air tank? With a compressor. How do you run the compressor? With a motor. What does the motor run on? Electricity. How do you generate the electricity? The current power infrastructure, of which coal plays a significant part.

    This isn’t any more green than a diesel, and a diesel runs farther on less.

    • zipper4u2nv

      The funny thing is that they are not in the us and I have been contracted to work on the grid in france and they don’t have but 2 out of 36 that run coal and by 2013 in the month of feb they will be going off-line

      • What will they be replaced with ?

  • venkatesh

    i am a pg student.can u please send data on air expansion period.

  • venkatesh

    what r the design changes needed for connecting rod.FOR COMPRESS AIR OPERATING ENGINE

  • realist

    Sigh.. Another pessimist. You people say at the end this is still not green bc electricity is from coal plant. Electricity can be harvest from Solar and Wind power. You’re just conservative idiot who just wont think outside of box. Sigh…

  • To quote bob the mob saying its no better than diesal, he is way incorrect. Where I live our power is 100% from hydro electric and is 100% green, and over half the power in the US is from sorces other than coal. This is an amazing idea. Also, the first video the guy still uses a small amount of gas to power the compressors that fill the air tanks, this uses no electricity at all. Bob, just a guess, but your a republican I am sure. 🙂

  • This is the best engine, I can charge airtank whith my HILL hand pump up to 4000PSI. this is FREEDOM!!
    this is the future! wanna Buy this car for shure!

  • pozi

    Incredible! With such light weight, just think about building some real “Airplanes”.

  • bob the mob,

    Your argument is false.

    Air power will replace gas power.


    Gas pumps use electricity
    Air pumps use electricity.

    The net gain is derived from the
    final energy source of the car.

    Which one do you want running
    the cars, Gas or Air?

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  • chung

    Compressed air may be a convenient energy storage for windmills and other alternative energy harvesters like sterling engines.

    Vehicle air compression pumps can be attached to the shocks. Manual tools can also be made to store energy using this system.

    Vehicles with these system can use compressed air for turbo function and emergency power. They can also be equipped with inflatable floatation device to make them behave like motorboats over floods/rivers.