TOP 10 Future Weapons

UPDATE: There is now an updated list of future weapons. Being an anti-war activist I must say that I am not too proud presenting this TOP 10 Weapons list. However, since it is tech oriented and since I am a tech addict, I cannot resist but to show you these pretty interesting weapons of the future. If you know a weapon that should be on this list, let me know.
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1. XM29 to Replace the M16

2. Force Field

3. Corner Shot

4. Mobile Tactical High Energy Laser

5. MOAB Bomb

6. Direct Energy Weapons

7. Active Denial System – The Ray-Gun

8. DREAD – Silent Weapon System

9. Metal Storm Sentry Gun – Million rounds per minute

10. Sensor Fused Bombs

How To Build The Perfect Soldier

M.A.V – Micro Air Vehicles


Crusher – Military Robot
Smart Arrow – Spy Weapon
Weapon Undetecrable Under X-Ray Scan
Remote Controlled Insect Army – Pentagon
Sniper, sniper where are you?
Self Driving Tank
Robotic Mule – U.S Army
Thermal Camouflage

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